The 10 Best Travel Shoes for Women

The 10 Best Travel Shoes for Women
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Shoes are a beautiful thing, aren’t they? They can finish your outfit perfectly, dress up a pantsuit or jeans, and provide you with extreme comfort for any type of travel. That’s what we’re looking for in travel shoes, right? We want to look good, sure, but when there’s a lot of walking, sitting, waiting, and traveling involved – comfort is key.

The thing about travel is that it generally involves plenty of walking. Whether it’s to explore your destination or just running for planes. So, the key to comfort is the right shoes. It’s a tale as old as time, where we battle between style and comfort, your favourite shoes aren’t easy to pack or comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, but your most comfortable shoes just aren’t up to scratch. What to do, what to do…

Of course, your destination is also important. If you’re hiking in water then you’re going to need a sturdy shoe that provides grip. If it’s streets you’ll be wandering in mild to extreme heat, then that changes things a bit. Which is why we have compiled a variety of styles of shoe that will work for any travel occasion. You can find comfort and style here. We haven’t forgotten about versatility, though. You don’t have a lot of packing space to take a full collection of shoes, so it’s important that a couple of pairs will do everything you ask of them.

1. Knit Flats

The perfect option for comfort in a warmer environment. You can slip on trainer socks or go sockless, either way, these are comfortable enough to prevent blisters no matter what the weather. They come in a variety of colours and styles, too, so you can choose just the right shoe to fit any occasion.

2. Waterproof Ankle Boots

These are a great choice because they look amazing whether you’re wearing jeans, chinos, a skirt or a dress. There are a variety of different colours and going waterproof means they’re suitable for any winter conditions you may come across. Look out for cushioning in the footbed so you can stand from breakfast right through the night.

3. Athleisure

There are plenty of options here, but one of the greatest examples of athleisure is Skechers. What’s so great about them? Not only are they breathable, it’s like walking on clouds. The cushioning is fantastic and while they might not be dressy enough for every travel occasion, they’re super lightweight which means they’re easy to take with you and perfect for long walks and exploring your surroundings. Of course, Skechers do provide a variety of different styles and some of them look nothing like sneakers, so no one would ever know the difference.

4. Supportive Sandals

Everyone wants comfortable sandals to wear on their summer holidays, the problem is that sandals aren’t normally all that comfortable. You have to choose between restrictive shoes that will cause you to overheat or staying cool with blisters. It’s time to step out from the crowd and choose a supportive sandal. It provides a footbed that only gets better as you wear them.

5. Ballet Flats

Not just any ballet flat, though, now you can find flats with sports technology to provide arch support, cushioning, and shock-absorption, too. The generic ballet flat provides absolutely no support for your feet, but women love them because they are comfortable and lightweight. That means they’re great for short trips, but not excessive walking. Find you a pair that will do both.

6. Espadrilles

We’re not talking about your standard espadrilles here, we’re talking about the water ones. Yes, they’re real and feature a rubber sole with great grip and an upper made from neoprene, which means it’s going to dry super fast. So, you can safely wander from the sandy beach right into the rocky water without worrying about stubbing your toe or cutting your feet.

7. Cushioned Leather Sandals

The great thing about these types of sandals is that they’re the perfect blend of style and comfort. They look amazing, they feel great on your feet no matter how far you need to walk, and you can dress them up or down, no matter what the occasion.

8. Suede Sneakers

Whether you opt for a classic white or a blush colour – suede sneakers have been a popular travel choice for decades for a reason. They’re comfortable, they’re cool, and they go with everything. It’s the easiest decision you’ll make.

9. Lightweight Sneakers

Whether you choose Nike or another brand, you want a sneaker that is lightweight, easy to pack, and features a knit upper.

10. Slip-ons

Leather sneakers are a perfect choice, go for a more pointed-toe to make them the ideal choice for day wear and evening wear. Keep your eyes peeled for a pair that features memory foam insoles to provide excellent cushioning for a full day of exploration.

If you have the need to get any of the above listed shoe types, Styletread surely has a lot of options to choose from! But before you buy, don’t forget to check out the amazing Styletread discounts @ OZCodes.com.au. Every shoe you travel with should provide comfort, which means you can wear the heaviest pair for the journey and pack the lightweight options. It’s the easiest (and smartest) way to travel.

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