6 Smart Tips For Packing Shoes In An Overnight Bag

Tips For Packing Shoes
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When preparing for an overnight trip, shoes might be a bit tricky to pack. This is because shoes are often bulky and heavier than the clothes and toiletries needed. You may struggle to find space in your overnight bag for both your clothes and shoes. Fortunately, there are some products available on the market that can solve this dilemma.

You can have a separate smaller overnight carry-on bag just for your shoes or you can search online for simple tricks and methods to pack your shoes in your overnight bag. By doing this, you’ll be able to secure your shoes properly and prevent it from being damaged.

If you’re scheduled to go on an overnight trip anytime soon, here are some smart tips for efficiently packing your shoes in an overnight bag.

1. Get The Best Leather Overnight Bag

A great leather overnight bag is the best solution for any overnight trip. The best leather overnight bag has to be made from full grain leather, such as this brown leather duffle bag from Vonbaer.com, which also has plenty of room for your clothes, and a dedicated laptop compartment. It has plenty of space to accommodate your shoes. When you peruse your options for good-quality leather overnight bags, make sure you look out for qualities that would stand the test of time.

Qualities to look out for include the seams and stitches of the bag. They have to be durable enough to not only carry your clothes but your shoes as well. The bag also has to be the best size for your trip and have the right storage capacity. If style is one of your priorities when you travel, you can never go wrong with a leather duffle bag.

They are also great for those trips that require flying, as you can keep them as a carry-on bag with you when you board your plane, making sure that you never lose sight of your valuables.

“Leather Weekender from Vonbaer.com”

The Best Leather Overnight Bag

2. Separate Them From Them Rest Of Your Clothes

Your shoes may leave streaks and stains on your clothes if you don’t separate them into their own individual bags before packing them into the overnight bag. You don’t want to get to your destination and start doing laundry because your shoes left stains on your shirt. Some stains will be more difficult to remove than others, so you have to find ways to protect your clothes.

One way to protect your clothes is to get yourself some reusable bags. Put the shoes in these reusable bags before packing them into your overnight bag. You can also get reusable bags that are also water-resistant in case you run into some bad weather during your trip and your luggage gets soaked.

If there is not enough time or funds to buy reusable bags for your shoes, you can substitute them with ordinary plastic bags. It still gets the job done and protects the rest of your luggage.

Smart Tips For Packing Shoes

3. Make Sure The Shoes Are Clean And Smell Fresh

Before packing your shoes into your overnight duffel bag, make sure they are clean and smell fresh. If the trip you’re about to take is a planned one, make sure you clean your shoes beforehand. There are many shoe cleaning products and tools on the market that can help you clean your shoes regardless of what material they are made from. Leather shoes need to be wiped down, while sneakers need to be scrubbed under running water.

If the trip is sudden, make sure you wipe down your shoes and use a spray that targets heavy odours. You can also place some dryer sheets into your shoe a night before the trip to help minimize the smell or let them air out overnight.

4. Use The Corners Of Your Overnight Bag

If your shoes are clean and are in their reusable bags, you can now start packing them into your overnight bag. The best way to save space in a bag when packing is to first make use of all its corners. To make sure your shoes don’t lose their natural shape, you can also stuff them with socks, some rolled-up paper, or small items that need to be packed. Pack strategically to also use the space between two shoes well.

Once you have mastered this technique, you can even pack more pairs and utilize the space smartly.

Use The Corners

5. Wear The Heavier Pair

This method allows you to take some strain off yourself and your bag. Your bag will be lighter and easier to carry as you travel to your destination. If you’re traveling somewhere cold, you might as well use those boots during the trip. If you want to make your trip easier on your feet as well, choose a pair that you can be comfortable in for the duration of your trip.

If wearing a heavy pair of shoes, the whole trip is not appealing, you can also invest in getting yourself a pair of travel shoes. Travel shoes are designed to be worn over a long duration of time and support your feet. These types of shoes also have a good arch so that you don’t experience painful feet.

6. Pack Soft Items Around Your Shoes

Packing your t-shirts and other lighter outfit pieces around your shoes can make sure that your shoes don’t lose their shape. This also prevents them from getting damaged if your overnight bag falls or gets bumped into. Avoid putting harder objects like toiletries and small machinery near your shoes as they will affect the shape of the shoe.

Your toiletries also have to be tightly screwed shut to prevent any liquids or toothpaste from damaging the shoes. Keep liquids far away from the shoes and pack as many soft items as possible.


With these tips, you’ll be able to pack your shoes more effectively, regardless of the trip. Whether it’s a last-minute trip to the coast or a vacation that you have been planning for months, these tips will make sure your shoes arrive at their destination in good condition. There are many high-quality leather overnight bags on the market, so pick one that suits your traveling needs. Remember to utilize the space in your bag effectively and use all the corners.

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