Step Tracking Shoes

Step Tracking Shoes
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In a world where we are all focused on improving our health and learning more about our performance, it was only a matter of time before step tracking shoes became a mainstream product. If you are keen to find out more about these devices, then we have the low down for you!

How do Smart Shoes Work?

Smart shoes are fitted with inbuilt sensors that can track and monitor a number of different metrics. From steps taken to distanced traveled, these devices are made to provide you with the best insight into your movements. Simply put them on and get moving, and your device be it a smart fitness tracker or phone will automatically track your progress. Most pairs of step-tracking shoes also enter sleep mode when you take them off so that you don’t need to worry about connecting and disconnecting your device.

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Are Step Tracking Shoes Any Good?

Many consumers worry that if they buy step-tracking shoes so early in their release that they will end up with a pair of shoes that is not as tech-savvy as they could be. However, with big brand names like Nike and Under Amour releasing their own pairs, you can be confident that what you buy will work for what you need. It’s no secret that as tech evolves, so do the products on offer, but as shoes have a shelf life, you will be able to look forward to purchasing more as they evolve.

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Who Makes the Best Step Tracking Shoes?

There are a number of companies that claim to offer the best step tracking shoes with a number of great features. However, the main competitors are Under Armor and Nike, as they have a global reach and have both released shoes to the market already that are proving popular with consumers. Other companies that are releasing smart shoes include iFit, Digitsole, and Zhor Tech.

Under Armour mens Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe, Black (002 Black, 11 US Which Step Tracking Shoes Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing the right step tracking shoes for your needs, then the following options are all worth your consideration:

  • Speedform Gemini 2 by UA – these shoes do more than just count your steps; they also track distance, stride length, and the pace that you set as you workout. When you take them off, they automatically enter sleep mode so that you can treat them like any other shoe.
  • Nike+ – if you love Nike, then their smart shoe offering gives you a pair of shoes that will track the distance you have traveled, the speed you traveled, and the number of steps you have taken. The great thing about these shoes is that they pair with your other smart fitness kit to give you an overall picture of your health.
  • Digitsole Insoles– these smart insoles provide you with a tool that can track your steps, analyze your distance and pace and even regulate the temperature of your feet! Simply insert them into your favorite footwear to get started!

Are Step Tracking Shoes Worth it?

If you are wondering whether step-tracking shoes are an asset or a fad, then the answer is simple – if you want something that will track your movements with little effort, then they are a great choice! As they are still a new concept, we expect to see more of these items for sale in the coming months, but if you can’t wait, then treat yourself now and get moving!

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