Why Shoes Are Art

Why Shoes are Art
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The shoe might be considered by some of us as a humble functional piece of clothing and apparel that serves to keep us mobile and comfortable. However, for many others, the shoe is a work of art.

While this might bring to mind the image of a highly decorated stiletto or high heel for many of us, for the ardent trainer fanatic, the Jordan Air 1s would bring the self-same appreciation. Thinking of shoes as art is really in the eye of the beholder and the feet of the wearer.

Know Your Shoe History

While many of us may think that the high heel has its history firmly in the modern age, you would be sorely mistaken. Rather, ‘elevated shoes’ made their introduction to society in the 16th century and were not just for women. They were worn by soldiers to keep their feet firmly in their stirrups and by royalty as a sign of power.

From there, the history of the high heel and stiletto has gone from tool of seduction to pop culture icon. More recently, designers have pushed the boundaries of invention and design to become symbols of art and exclusive design.

Practical Art

While shoes have been worn long before the elevated shoe and probably took many forms and functions, today they are often considered less for their function and often just as a statement of style and good taste. The question is whether fashion is art or should it be really wearable and have mass appeal?

To answer this question, we can look at other sectors or objects that we use daily that also shift between function and art. A great example is how the family portrait or dog picture can be elevated to art in its enhancement through Crystal Impressions. This transforms the humble photograph into a piece of art that can also be collectable and handed down through the generations.

High Value and High Prices

Have you ever considered that a pair of shoes could cost more than a valuable piece of art? If not, think again. Earlier in 2021, a pair of Nike sneakers worn and co-designed by Kanye West sold at auction for $1.8million. This is not only a sign of the design itself but also of the changes in the way young people are thinking about what is collectable, desirable and a good investment.

While not quite at the same level as those worn by Kanye West, a pair of sneakers worn by a basketball legend were set to go up for auction in the middle of 2021 with an expected price of $100 000. These Air Jordan 1s not only combine the iconic Air Jordan design but also the status of the person who wore them and are certainly a good investment for whoever is able to get their hands on them.

Elevating shoes to the status of a piece of art is not something many of us may consider in our day-to-day lives where they perform a practical function. However, perhaps a lesson to learn from this article is that you may want to think of your shoes differently from now on.

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