How to Choose the Right High Heels for Your Feet

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About 72 percent of women wear high heels, with almost 40 percent wearing them daily. Some women love the way they improve their posture. The high heels give them an extra little boost in height for a more statuesque figure. 

For other women, high heels are a dreaded concept. They make their feet, legs, and back hurt. It’s like walking on wobbling stilts. By the end of the day, their feet are swollen, blistered, and sore. 

The key to enjoying wearing high heels is finding the perfect pair. This guide will show you how to pick a pair of sexy high heels. 


Sneakers are a great option when you want to wear comfortable shoes. However, they aren’t appropriate for all occasions. The size you wear in sandals or sneakers may not be the same size in high heels. 

You can find your shoe size by tracing your foot on a piece of paper. Then measure the length from the center heel to the longest toe. Then measure the width. 

Always try your heels on before buying them. Different brands can fit differently, so don’t be afraid to size up or down. Pointed-toe heels require you to size up to make room for your toes. 

Arch Shape 

The arch is the shape of the bottom of your foot. A high arch means that the middle of your foot arches up and doesn’t touch the ground. The opposite is a flat foot is when the bottom of your inner foot is flat against the ground. 

For the most foot comfort, the arch of your heel should match the arch of your foot. This reduces the stress through your foot because it’s fully supported. 

Ankle Straps 

If you are new to wearing heels, look for a pair of heels with an ankle strap. This will secure your foot in the shoe and make it easier to walk. 

Heel Height and Thickness 

The taller and skinnier the heel is, the harder the shoes are to walk in. The lower the heel and the thicker the heel is, the more comfortable the heels will be. Whether you’re buying high heel boots, pumps, or sandals, this applies. 

Another option is to look for a wedge. This is a solid block from toe to heel. The solid construction makes the heels more stable and easier to walk in. 


If you’ve always wanted a pair of sky-high black high heels, look for a pair with a platform. These heels have a thicker sole under the ball and toes. The platform raises the front half of your foot and reduces the angle of your entire foot. 

Quality Matters 

Low-quality heels hurt and don’t last. Even if they meet all of the previous qualifications, if they aren’t well made, they will end up hurting your feet. Invest in a quality pair of heels that may cost a bit more. 

Purchase the Perfect Pair of High Heels

As you can see, not all heels are built the same. When buying high heels for women, look for a pair that is the right size, has an ankle strap, is the right heel height and thickness, and is high quality. 

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