Shoes, Fashion Accessories, and Flair for Fall

This year, fall fashion promises trendy accessories, fun footwear, and plenty of stylish eyewear. Put together a cute ensemble with these quirky items. Eccentric materials are all the rage this year, including velvet, faux animal skin, and even metallic fabric.


2016 is bringing all kinds of trends into the world of footwear. From buckled shoes to velvet heels, you’ll have no trouble finding fashionable footwear. Tights are in style this season, and don’t feel limited by color or texture. Oatmeal sweater tights look great with brown pumps, while sheer tights can add polish to any outfit. This year, shoes with a velvet finish are becoming more popular, especially when paired with a bare leg or long dress. The soft, crinkly texture of this material makes for an interesting fashion statement. Evolving from gladiator shoes, footwear that sports multiple buckles can amp up the edgy yet professional tone of your outfit. Overall, there’s no shortage of fun shoes for the season.

Purses, Clutches and More

What’s most exciting about the fall 2016 season is the sheer amount of handbag options. Exciting trends include metallic handbags, embellished clutches and travel-themed wearables. Purses come in all shapes and sizes this season, including trapezoids and half-moon designs. Fashion designers are trying to achieve a nice contrast between handbags and the complete outfit for ultimate harmony. Pair a robin’s egg blue purse with a dark navy dress to take full advantage of this trend. When it comes to carrying the necessary items, everyone this fall is doing it in style.


Ramp up your autumn fashion to full throttle with these simple eyewear trends. From retro rims to eclectic patterns, this fall will bring plenty of cute and sophisticated glasses. Some companies know that glasses that look good should also be functional. This season’s fashionistas sport transparent glasses as an essential accent in the most contemporary ensembles. When it comes to eyewear, feel free to go wild this year. Magenta and robin’s eggs blue are just a few of the popular colors for thin and sleek glasses this fall. From gem tones to clear rims, your eyewear is sure to create an elegant and powerful ensemble.

This year, your fall ensemble is sure to succeed. These simple tips and trends will help your style soar when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit. Put on those buckled shoes and get out there to strut your new fall style.