Please ID these Purple Suede Shoes

Lauren of BiadaBella would like help identifying these shoes…

I NEED to know the origin of these purple suede shoes.  I’ve posted them on my blog, but no one seems to know the brand.  I want them soo badly, and I know that I could count on my fellow shoeaholics to identify them.   Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “Please ID these Purple Suede Shoes

  1. Those are Christian Dior. They were sold at Neiman Marcus, but are now sold out. The link is a little long to post here, but google search “Christian Dior Cutout Wedge” to see them at NM. Looks like they are on eBay too.

  2. FSP: I worship you. Seriously, thanks so much for your help! I had been checking brands I suspected (YSL, Lanvin, Dolce&Gabbana) but I’m eternally grateful. Thanks millions!

  3. Hi there!! These are the Dior Cutout Wedge. Amazing shoe!! They are from a previous season, but I have seen them at Neiman Marcus Last Call at Sawgrass Mills…I tried them on, and they very nearly left with me!! What size are you?

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