Inexpensive Prom Sandals from Milanoo

My daughter’s high school prom is this weekend. She already has a gorgeous rhinestone-covered plum-purple dress picked out, but she still is deciding on which sandals she should to wear with her beautiful dress.   I suggested that she doesn’t spend a whole lot of money on prom sandals as she will probably only be wearing them for a short time.   Most girls only wear their too-high-heels for taking photographs and while eating at the banquet (while they are seated so they aren’t as uncomfortable).   It seems all the girls then kick off their shoes at the actual dance to dance barefoot, or they bring along a pair of flip flops or bendable ballet flats to wear under their dresses on their now aching feet.   Most of the dresses are floor-length anyway, so who really even sees the girls’ shoes?

Now I don’t suggest wearing ugly shoes either or even tennis shoes just for comfort, but I do suggest buying inexpensive heels as these shoes more than likely will never be worn again.   I found several prom-worthy styles at that are within my daughter’s budget. You can follow Milanoo on Pinterest, Milanoo on Twitter and Milanoo on YouTube for more inspiration. But for now, here is my favorite pair from the site:


Fabulous Silver 3 9/10” High Heel Womens Sandals, $47.44

If you are looking for a stunning pair of strappy heels for your next formal event, look no further. This pair is amazing! They will make you feel like Cinderella with her glass slippers. They are made from a lovely PU material in a great silver color and feature a stunning upper that is made from gorgeous rhinestones and silver accents to create a completely jewel-encrusted look. The shoes have an ankle strap and a T back shape. The heels have a silver metallic tone that looks fantastic with the rhinestones and measure just under four inches. A truly beautiful pair of sandals for any event or occasion.

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