7 Types of Shoes Every Student Prefers to Wear

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We all know that being a student means living on a tight budget. However, we also know that every now and then, every student deserves a noteworthy present. Whether you’ve done great on your finals and want to congratulate yourself, or you are simply in search of “that extraordinary pair of shoes you won’t ever let go,” you are definitely in the right spot. As always, we are here to help you make the right shoes choices.

Let’s see what students prefer to wear in general, and what types of shoes cannot be missing from your closet under any circumstances. Summer is coming, get excited!

1. The Workout Pumped Shoes

Have you ever had a truly passionate desire to go to the gym, yet gave up, because you found it hard to choose your shoes? Maybe they were not comfortable enough, maybe they were too big, maybe running in them felt unbearable. Whatever your reasons might have been, we understand. Having the proper workout shoes in your closet is a must.

So, don’t blame yourself, learn from your mistakes. Always keep some cool Nikeys at hand, and next time, just do it! Work that body. Keep it pumping!

2. The Boots & Booties

Wherever in the world you are living, boots and booties will always be of great use to you. They are essential items to have in your closet. Sometimes, heels can be too much. If you do want to stay sexy and provocative, choose booties (and you could go for some types of boots too!) They provide the most perfect, comfortable, pleasant, secure, and casual option. However, there are different types of boots and booties for different types of occasions. Don’t mix them up.

  • The Ankle Booties (casual, yet appealing!)
  • The High-Ankle Boots (or Riding boots – they are fashionable and sexy, yet cozy!)
  • The Boots That OneMust Own: this is a special category that I made up; however, I believe it’s truly important to have specific boots for every type of season. If it’s raining, you’ll need rain boots! If it’s freezing, you’ll want some cozy UGGs.

Side note: Don’t freak out! Finding cute-a** shoes is not hard as long as you have us by your side.

3. The Black Stilettos

It’s the number one fashion rule. “Black Stilettos never fail.” We all feel classy from time to time, so owning a pair of black heels is a must. If you are tempted to wear that party dress tonight, black stilettos match. If you plan on wearing that flared dress at your favorite gala,black stilettos match. If you want to try out your new cute overalls tomorrow, black stilettos match. See how you can never fail?

4. The Daring Heels

The Statement Heels, or Daring Heels as I call them, are your favorite choice whenever you feel fearless. You want to add this piece to your closet for when you feel resolute and determined to conquer the world. You can choose different types of Daring Heels, depending on your wardrobe and preferences. It doesn’t matter which ones you pick, they give out an individual, distinct air to each person.

Anna Kassidy, Ambassador for United World, and remote worker for essaygeeks.co.uk service, shares her story. “Statement heels make me feel unique. They give me an amazing feeling of confidence and exceptionality. I always wear them when I must speak publicly.”

5. The Casual Flats

Not everyone likes flats, but for the girls who do: they can be pretty cool shoes to own! They don’t require lots of space, they are fairly cheap compared to other fancier items, and they always save you when you don’t know what to wear. Sometimes, you must give your feet a break from impressive heels and daring shoes. “But I can wear flip-flops instead.” Not when you want to look professional and be casual in the same time!

6. The Laid-Back Sandals

Ever bought a casual Maxi and had no clue what shoes to wear? I have, and it’s not fun, I’m telling you. Matching a sexy dress with sneakers or flip-flops is doable, but it’s not proper. The laid-back, everyday sandals save you in these moments! Strappy sandals make you look cosmopolitan and fashionable. Whether it’s beach day, or casual day at the office, the laid-back sandals won’t disappoint you!

7. The Chill Sneakers: The Cheakers

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, or Converse – whichever you choose, they’ll always have your back. I could not live without my cheakers. They are so comfy, and soft, and loveable! They can be used as both athletic and casual wear. They are great for three seasons out of four: fall, summer, and spring. What other reasons do you need? Buy your favorite sheakers today.


Students, watch out, fashion article is about to end. However, I hope that by the end of it, you were able to realize what you should or should not own. Clean up your closet, and make room for some sexy, cozy, and comfy new shoes!

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