How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Prom

Perfect Shoes for Prom
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Prom is a milestone moment for teens. It has been immortalized in teen films from “Pretty in Pink” to “10 Things I Hate About You”. And it is usually the last big dance before graduation and everyone starts heading off to college.

So, it makes sense that you want it to be perfect and to dance the night away with your friends. To do that, you will need shoes that are going to go the distance with you, complete your outfit, and be as pain-free as possible. Here is a guide for picking the best shoes prom to help you have the night of your life.

Get The Dress First

It is much easier to find shoes when you already have a dress. Not only will this help you get a better idea of what color shoes to look for, but also what style as well. Because let’s face it, not every style of shoe is going to work with every dress.

For example, if you choose a dramatic, high glam, evening gown, like a Jovani prom dress, that pair of simple ballerina flats aren’t going to work as easily as a pair of strappy sandals or great sky-high stilettos. So, help the decision-making process along by matching the shoes to the dress and not the other way around.

Shop Later In The Day

While this is good advice in general when it comes to shoe shopping, it is doubly so for shopping for shoes for prom. As the day wears on, your feet expand a little and since prom is an evening event, you are going to want shoes that fit your foot for that time of day rather than first thing in the morning, when feet are at their slimmest. This way you will ensure your shoes are going to be comfortable as the night wears on and you dance it away.

Start As Soon As Possible

Since prom season starts in late January and goes until May, many stores already have their stock on display. Starting early gives you more time to find the perfect shoes, the ones which are going to look great while still being comfortable enough to dance and mingle with friends. So, start now to avoid feeling rushed and like you have to settle for whatever is left on the shelves.

And remember, it is ok to ask salespeople when they get new stock in. That way you can know when to check back often to find the perfect shoes for prom.

Start Big and Narrow As You Go

Try on everything that catches your eye. Seriously, try on every single pair you even sort of like. The reason is, you never know how it is going to look on or how comfortable it is going to be.

So, by trying everything you like on, you will get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Plus, that pair you were a little lukewarm about may end up being the ones. Don’t worry about having too many choices as you never know what is going to work unless you try a bunch of different options.

Don’t Ignore Your Comfort Level

This one is important. While you may love the idea of going full glam in super strappy stilettos, if you aren’t used to them they could ruin your evening as your feet will hurt to the point you can’t dance and have to sit down most of the evening. However, if you have your heart set on super high heels, think about ones with a slightly blocky heel or wedges, both of which will give you more support and make it easier to dance, walk, and generally enjoy the evening.

gold strappy sandals for prom

Consider a Pair of Dancing Shoes

A lot of the time, as the night goes on, the strappy shoes come off and people dance either in just their stockings or bare feet. So, why not consider getting a pair of ballet flats that are comfortable for dancing in? That way you can have the perfect shoes for the pictures and early part of the night while slipping to the more comfortable ones later to save your feet for the rest of the dance and any after parties you may be attending.

Open Or Closed Toe

While both can look great, it is important to consider your comfort level when it comes to showing off your feet. Some people just aren’t comfortable having their toes on display for the world to see. Plus, it is one more step in the pre-prom ritual: getting a pedicure.

However, closed-toed shoes can be slightly more uncomfortable as the night progresses as they don’t have a lot of room for your feet to expand in. So, it is important to figure out which style you will feel less self-conscious in on top of how comfortable your feet are going to be in them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for help and suggestions from the salesperson. They are going to know more about sizes and what styles are coming in and when. They will also be able to help you find the best fit if that is something you struggle with.

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Have Fun Shopping For Shoes for Prom

Remember, as you search for the perfect shoes for prom, it should be fun and add to the experience and excitement of getting ready for your big night. So, make sure you relax, try on tons of great styles, and maybe even dance a little in the store to see how they will hold up.

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How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Prom

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