Did you know the earliest photo of a boot was discovered in a cave in Spain? It’s dated between 12,000 and 15,000 BC. The horseback riding shoes we know today didn’t appear until the 1600s.

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Selecting good riding boots is an essential investment in your horseback riding gear. Keep reading to pick up some tips on how to choose the best ones.

Why Wear Horseback Riding Shoes?

In every sport, there is essential equipment that protects the player or assists in some way. For baseball players, it’s the uniform, bat, or the mitt. Horseback riders rely on their boots.

What’s in a Boot?

Boots come in various materials; synthetic, rubber, leather, and fabric are the most common. They also have varying price ranges. You will find they come with designs that offer water-resistant, insulated, waterproof, and can have breathable material.

Choose one that suits you.

Leather Horseback Riding Shoes

You’ll find that when most people think of riding shoes, leather is the material that comes to mind. There are many benefits to leather horseback riding shoes and that’s one of the reasons why they are the preferred choice.

  • Durable – leather riding shoes are resisting to tears, abrasions, and rips when compared to other materials
  • Water-resistant – while leather boots are resistant to water they aren’t waterproof
  • Comfortable – once broken in they adjust to the shape of your foot providing a great fit that is comfortable
  • Breathable – leather is surprisingly breathable to keep your feet comfortable in warm or cool weather

Leather horseback riding shoes will cost the most compared to other materials but will outlast any of the others.

Synthetic Horseback Riding Shoes

You’ll find that synthetic riding shoes resemble their leather counterparts. If you don’t ride every day they are an excellent choice, they will be durable but won’t last as long as leather. Synthetic shoes cost less than leather and more than rubber.

Rubber Riding Shoes

If your child is just learning to ride or you are in a wet climate rubber boots can be an excellent choice. Rubber has a tendency to be very warm and cause your legs to perspire. Often this can make it difficult when it comes time to remove them.

Are You Styling?

Women’s equestrian boots come in many styles and men aren’t far behind. Shoes made for English riding differ from those made for Western riders. Experts suggest being wary of clunky soles as these can get stuck in the stirrups.

Look for shoes with leather soles if possible and having a heel is a necessity.
If you aren’t planning to compete wearing the same boots you train in, the height of the boot can be a personal preference.

Choosing the Best Horseback Riding Shoes

You may find yourself unable to choose due to having so many options in horseback riding shoes. Look for shoes that not only look great but are comfortable. Whichever shoe you choose make sure it has a heel, traction, and a hard toe, the rest is just aesthetics.

We hope this article will help you choose the best shoes for horseback riding. Check out the other interesting articles on this site for more great information.

How to Choose the Best Horseback Riding Shoes