Hidden Heels?

Could someone tell me the point of a hidden heel, like this 80%20 Diva Hidden Wedge shown?

Are there short people out there trying to secretly make themselves look taller?

Why wouldn’t you just buy a shoe with a heel or wedge on the outside?

If you fall into this category and feel the need to hide the height then you can find several of these styles  on Zappos by 80%20.

[phpbay]wedge heels, 2[/phpbay]

3 thoughts on “Hidden Heels?

  1. I’ve heard of men wearing shoes with lifts to make them taller, but women? And unless you wear long pants with these to hide your ankles, it’s going to be quite obvious that the heels are hidden. I think I’ll pass on these.

  2. well, I wouldn’t wear this pair but, I like hidden heels because they really do make you look taller. The reason I wouldn’t just buy regular heels is because I am still in school, and will get made fun of if I wear high heels in the hallways, but I am very short for my age so I could get made fun of when I am not wearing them.

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