Hogan Shoes: The Sophistication of a Made in Italy Brand

hogan shoes
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Enter the world of Hogan shoes, the world-renowned brand that stylized the enduring craftsmanship of the famous Italian shoemakers.

If there is one designer Italian brand synonymous with sneakers, it is Hogan. A part of Tod’s group, which also owns the Fay clothing line, Hogan is a footwear label loved by women, men, and children all over the world. Despite being such a global brand, Hogan is entirely Italian; bearing the highly-assuring “Made in Italy” badge with great honors. Predominantly a footwear brand, Hogan also manufactures a great range of high-quality accessories.

The History of Hogan Shoes

It was in 1920 when Filippo Della Valle started his shoemaking business in modest circumstances. Over the next few decades, it turned into a big factory, producing and delivering high-quality Italian shoes to the American department stores. It was only during the 1980s, when an innovative marketing strategy gave birth to Hogan as a brand, along with its other siblings.

In 1986, Hogan released its first line of branded shoes and inspired sneakers to go from being a household name in the world of cricket. However, it was only in 1995, when they released a comprehensive line of athletic sneakers under the moniker of their brand. The release was soon followed up by the hugely popular Interactive line in 1997.

The year 2004 was also an eventful year for Hogan, as it is when they launched their another favorite – the Olympia. The line called Attractive, which is entirely dedicated to women soon followed.

Hogan Womens Maxi H449 Leather Fashion Sneakers (7.5 M US) White

Options to Suit Every Taste

Hogan offers a great range of shoes, sneakers, pumps, loafers, slip-on, ankle boots, etc. for both women, men, and children. They also have a great collection of ballet flats and sandals for ultimate functionality and comfort.

Urbane, dynamic, and comfortable; the Interactive line of sneakers is by far their most popular. The entirely leather made shoes with monk strap or any other detailing are also loved by people of all ages for their immense versatility. The other key styles of Hogan include Olympia, Running, Rebel, etc.

The majority of the styles are also in a variety of colors. With a penchant for innovation, the brand also combines a variety of materials such as leather, suede, high-tech fabrics, etc. with rhinestone, studs, or sequins detailing.

Hogan H321 Men's Sneakers Brown, Gray and Black - HXM3210Y860QYO840G - Size 6½

Impeccable Made in Italy Craftsmanship

As a proud flag-bearer of Italian craftsmanship in luxury fashion, Hogan ensures that everything from the materials to the experienced craftsmen is sourced from Italy. The great tradition of Italian quality also applies, with every detail crafted in high-quality materials, and with unbelievable accuracy.

Over the years, it is obvious that the Hogan shoes have changed in terms of its shape and decorations, but not at all in terms of quality. Refined, simplistic, yet great fashionable; all of the winning combinations of a “Made in Italy” product can be found in every pair of their shoes. They are also never out of style.

.Hogan Men H321 Sneakers Blue 9 US

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