How to Tell if Gucci Shoes Are Real

How to Tell if Gucci Shoes Are Real
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As a high-end luxury fashion brand, Gucci is a great option if you’re not concerned about the price tags. Therefore, you need to learn how to tell if Gucci shoes are real to avoid getting scammed.

Some people think buying luxury items is pathetic and a waste of money. They back this opinion with the phrase: “What will a luxury shoe do for you that a cheaper shoe can’t.” They will all serve the same purpose, they say.

This is far from the truth. There are many reasons why you should go for Gucci if you can afford it. Firstly, their durability, and secondly, they can become an investment for the future. You can sell them later for more than the amount you bought them. Hence, do not be misguided by people’s opinions.

About Gucci

Gucci is a high-status Italian fashion brand that provides exquisite clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. It was named after the founder Guccio Gucci, an Italian who began this brand in 1921. I know you’ll be surprised at this point. Yes! Gucci has been around all this time. It’s not a new thing that Gucci is a very expensive brand. A lot of people are asking why this brand is expensive. The answer for this is because of their high-end design. Professionals make these shoes, and they stand out in any gathering. They are durable and timeless, and because of the attention designers put into making these shoes, the price rises.

Secondly, this brand is expensive because of its flawless construction. Here, we talk about the neat stitching, highest quality leather, and attention to detail. These are things a non-luxury brand lack.

Gucci Shoes

How to Tell a Real From a Fake Gucci

People who know the worth of Gucci shoes want to get one because of their durability and timeless quality. There are also other reasons, which are specific to each individual, why they would like to possess these shoes. For this reason, there are alot of inferior/fake Gucci shoes everywhere.

How do you spot these?

Real Gucci is crafted to perfection. The amount of work put into these shoes is what makes them expensive. With that, you will never see flaws with real Gucci shoes. This is the first tip to differentiate the fake from the real Gucci. The fake Gucci has pronounced stitching that isn’t proportional. The shoes are even bonded with glue or come with an inconsistent zig-zag stitch.

The box in which your shoes come in tells if the shoe is authentic or fake. There are two box designs – the black and white box and the brown box. The former has a “Gucci” text written on the bottom area of the box cover, and the font is usually thin. The brown box has the “Gucci” logo at the center of the box cover. The GG or CC mark is written in a chain-like pattern throughout the box.

An authentic Gucci shoe has an eight-digit serial number. It is written on the inside lining of the shoe beside the size. The inside and sole of Gucci shoes are made from pure leather, and anything short of that is fake!

The smell of an authentic shoe will give you a clue in differentiating fake from real shoes. The original smells of leather and the fake smells of something different. You can also give it a scratch test, as the real one is not prone to scratches.

Gucci Shoes

Popular/Trending Styles or Colours

There are different Gucci designs for both males and females, and they come in varieties of designs and colors. We have the Gucci slides, sandals, thongs, espadrilles, wedges, slippers, mules, and pumps for women’s shoes. Also, we have the Gucci ballet flats, loafers, sneakers, boots, moccasins, and ankle boots.

We have sneakers, slides, sandals, espadrilles, moccasins, loafers, driving shoes, mules, lace-up shoes, and boots for the Men.


Gucci shoes come in different sizes and colors to fit any look you are going for. Let’s look at how they fit and if they run small.

How Do Gucci Shoes Fit?

Gucci shoes are true to size, and they give you a good and comfortable fit. The shoes follow the regular Italian size guide. Accordingly, for your perfect fit, you can convert the unit to that of your country. It’s difficult to make a mistake regarding Gucci shoe sizing because they run true to Italian sizes.

Do Gucci Shoes Run Small

No. Luxury shoes like Gucci are true to size.


On Quora, there are alot of customers who testify about the durability of original Gucci shoes. One customer said that the shoes she bought from Gucci lasted “forever.” She explained that she wore the shoe for three years with proper maintenance and later passed it on to her younger sibling. The amazing thing was that the shoe never went out of style, and it still looked beautiful and always complimented her appearance.


With everything explained in this article, you can decide whether to invest in this luxury brand or not. You can also tell if a Gucci shoe is authentic.

We conclude our article by recommending that you choose a brand you are comfortable with physically and financially. It’s unlikely that you will find genuine Gucci shoes for cheap, and if you do find affordable imitations, they are probably fakes.

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