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6 Tips How to Make Flats Look Just as Elegant as Heels

It is always a struggle for most women to look stylish but dealing with painful blisters after wearing heels. If you are one of them, it is likely because you have not discovered the style and comfort that women’s ballet flats have to offer. Flats are the latest obsession in the fashion world. Every woman […]

Look (and Feel) Good: The Most Comfortable Women's Dress Shoes
5 Epic Reasons to wear Flats with Every Outfit

Top Reasons to Pull those Flats out of the Closet, Ladies

So you’re looking to gain a few inches or add a little glamour to an outfit. Adding a pair of heels is the only way to do that, right? Wrong. In one year in the United States alone, over 123,000 injuries related to wearing high heels were treated in emergency rooms. While the fashion world […]

Top Fitness Shoes You May Consider For Flat Feet

Best Fitness Shoes To Consider For Flat Feet

Many of us tend to neglect our feet. We compromise by wearing any shoes that looks pretty or are just a good bargain. It is very important to take care and protect your feet to avoid major problems later on in life. We have put together some great tips and shoes to consider when shopping […]

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