5 Memorable Lady Gaga Shoes

Not only is Lady Gaga’s style known for her outrageous outfits, but those outfits include some pretty insane shoes as well. Here’s a look, or tribute if you will, into five of Lady Gaga’s shoes she has been spotted in:

lady gaga shoes

I’d say the most memorable Lady Gaga shoes were the Armani created sparkly bedazzled shoes she wore with her solar-system styled dress to the 2010 Grammy awards.

Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga wore some outrageous python print moon-looking heels while spotted at the New York City JFK airport on September 13th, 2010. They remind me of shoes that Bratz dolls wear.

Lady Gaga's shoes

Lady Gaga wore similar Steve McQueen shoes in red with a “bubble” dress to the DC High Heel Race.

Rolling Stone Poster

Lady Gaga graced a Rolling Stone Poster (not sure it ever made a magazine cover?) wearing Pink heels that covered more of her body than her outfit. Are the guns part of her brassiere? Me thinks so.

lady gaga shoes

Lady Gaga wore these “twisted” sci-fi looking metallic shoes in a photo shoot.I sweat it looks like rubber bands are holding her feet in. Who are earth finds these attractive? Not I.

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