4 Types of Shoes to Invest in for Traveling

4 Types of Shoes to Invest in for Traveling
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Picking the right travel shoes can mean the difference between having fun and having pain.

The wrong shoes on dirt paths can force you to stop and clear stones away, and the wrong shoes on cobblestones can be downright dangerous. To make sure that you’ve packed appropriately, check out the suggestions below.

Something Cool

Walking will wear out your feet and leave you feeling tired and sweaty. Pack a pair of sturdy sandals to make sure that your feet can breathe.

Sandals are also quite comfortable in the air. If you’ve ever had your feet swell during a flight, you know you can go from relaxed to squished once you’re in the air. Sandals with matching socks can be quite versatile and make your travels much more comfortable.

Something Waterproof

If you think there’s no way to control the weather, go on vacation without an umbrella and waterproof shoes. You can suddenly make it rain. If you’re investing in new shoes, try to get a pair that will either completely block out water or will dry quickly if you get caught in a downpour.

There are many mesh, breathable sneakers with plenty of cushion that will pack easily. Some can even be rolled.


You don’t have to be on a mountaineering expedition to need good hiking shoes. There are many low rise hikers that support your feet and work fine in town.

These shoes offer both great support and excellent grip. Depending on your travel plans, the risk of uneven ground is pretty constant. Quality hikers lessen your risk of an embarrassing and painful stumble.

Timberland Womens Garrison Trail Hiking Boots Women's Tan 6
Timberland Women’s Garrison Trail Hiking Boots

Timberland Womens Garrison Trail Hiking Boots Women's Tan 6

Something Spectacular

You’re on vacation! Your feet deserve a little fun too. Pack along a pair of Cowboy up Apparel boots. Not only will you look fabulous, but a great pair of boots can be used in almost any weather.

Cowboy boots will need some breaking in. Before your trip, try wearing them with two pairs of socks to stretch the leather a bit. Try doing this during the warmer part of the day so the leather is more pliable. For your trip, wear your boots with thin socks that breathe.

Travel shoes are critically important to travel fun. Take the time to break them in before you leave town. Take care to invest in socks that will fit snugly, breathe for comfort and protect against blisters.

The Best Shoes For Traveling

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