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Vibram FiveFingers
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All those who think running shoes for jogging as well for gym workout is ideal, then you need to think again. Our feet are naturally made to walk, run and do other physical exercise relating to legs. Shoes that give it an unnatural posture or shape to the feet can lead to injury and discomfort.

Keeping this in mind many shoe manufacturing companies have come up with a unique idea of inventing a shoe that has a natural shape like the toes and the sole of human feet. These are popularly called five-finger shoes and are made by the company Vibram FiveFingers. 

They are comfortable, unique, harmless and greatly beneficial to people who workout.


What are FiveFingers Shoes?

These are uniquely made shoes that have five fingers to fit each toe. It has been researched to minimize injuries and give a normal posture to feet. This kind of shoes increases mobility strengthens muscles that has been worked out and decreases ankle twisting. These innovative shoes are feather weighted. They are so light weight that they give a sense of being barefoot.

Vibram Men's FiveFingers, V-Run Running Shoe Black Yellow 42 M

Although light-weighted, these shoes are quite sturdy and durable. Many may wonder if this will in any way give protection to the feet. These are exceptionally engineered products. The sole of the shoe are of tough material giving all the protection needed to the sole of the feet. The material gives a great grip and traction and reduces the chances of slipping. The top of these shoes is also durable and made of material fabrics that are not prone to tearing due to constant use.

Vibram Men's FiveFingers, V-Run Running Shoe Black Yellow 42 M

The shoes are manufactured in varying size, shape and colors. They are designed for both men and women. People with wide legs too can use these shoes. Most of the shoes are of light weight. However, there are some versions that are slightly heavier.

How to Wash FiveFingers Shoes

They are easily washable in the washing machines and can also be hand-washed.

Do I need socks with FiveFingers Shoes?

As this footwear fits your feet perfectly, there is no need for wearing socks along with it.

Advantages of Five Fingers Shoes

Five Fingers shoes offer a wide range of gains. It gives excellent performance and general fitness level. The conventional shoes can confine the moments. Five fingers however, can give you maximum range of motion during workout. The light weight makes this agility possible. It is as if you are exercising without any footwear.

Vibram Men's FiveFingers, V-Run Running Shoe Blue Black 43 M

Five fingers shoes gives the correct posture and the balance too is good while workout. Because of this you land on the right areas of the feet lessening the chances of injury. The muscles which aren’t used with regular shoes on, gets the much needed workout. They become healthy and well toned.

When you are using five fingers footwear you have a feeling of walking barefoot. The shoe protects you from all the things that you don’t want to stamp, like small pebbles, sharp objects and other dirt.

The shoes can be used for a variety of activities, like jogging on the treadmill, aerobic exercises, gym workout and yoga. They can also be used for outdoor sports like trekking, running, mountaineering and hiking.

Vibram Women's FiveFingers, V- Run Running Shoe Black Yellow 40 M

High Popularity of Five Fingers Shoes

These special shoes are selling like hot cakes all over the world. All the major shoe manufacturers are now focusing on the production of it. The specialist in the field of health and nutrition highly recommended these shoes. The shoes are easily available in running stores and most shoe stores. The shoes are worth investing if you a serious gym goer or runner. 

 These shoe design have given the world a revolutionary concept in the arena of footwear.

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