A Guide to Orthotic Inserts for Flat Feet

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Our feet carry the most weight all day. When we’re walking, running, playing sports, or even just standing, our feet have to bear the entire burden of our bodies. Since feet allow mobility, we need to take good care of them to ensure that there is no discomfort. However, there are some conditions that make this very challenging. People with flat feet tend to experience foot pain and uneasiness. It is even more important for such people to alleviate this pain.

Many people who experience problems with spine alignment, balance, and overall leg and lower back pain as a result of flat feet opt for surgery. However, this guide will talk about a simple, hassle-free way to alleviate this issue!

What Are Flat Feet?

Flatfeet is a condition where the arches on the inside of your feet are flat instead of being curved. As a result of this, your soles touch the floor more than usual whenever you stand or walk. You can be born with flat feet or develop this condition after an injury.

Most of the time, flat feet aren’t painful, but they can disturb the alignment of the legs. This can cause pain in your ankles and knees, affecting your ability to walk with ease. If you don’t have any trouble with flatfeet, then you don’t need treatment. But if you do, orthotic inserts are arguably the best solution out there.

How Custom Orthotic Inserts Help Flat Feet?

If you experience foot or heel pain as a result of flat feet, orthotic inserts can alleviate your discomfort. Custom orthotic inserts are tailored shoe inserts that provide support to flat feet, mitigating pain and discomfort. They also work for other abnormal or irregular walking patterns. Essentially, they act as shock absorbers, taking pressure off from the painful and high-stress areas of the foot.

Fewer Calluses, Corns, and Bunions

Calluses are areas of thickened skin, usually under the foot. They form mostly as a result of concentrated pressure and stress on that specific area. People with flat feet tend to get corns and calluses as they experience friction on the bottom of their feet with the ground. However, custom orthotic inserts can absorb some of this pressure and allow you to dodge painful corns and calluses on your feet.

Less Pain, More Convenience

Flat feet tend to get more stress on the bottom of the feet. This is why custom orthotic inserts that are designed to provide your feet with shock-absorbing abilities. This provides your feet some much-needed relief from the constant pressure and stress.

Reduced Leg and Ankle Pain

When you have flat feet, you tend to experience a greater load on the ankles and legs. This can make mobility very difficult. In such an instance, custom orthotic inserts can help you. They relieve this extra burden, which allows you to walk, run and play sports easily.

Improves Posture

Flat feet can affect the posture more than you think. Flatfooted people tend to walk a certain way, and this can cause postural misalignment. This exacerbates when you participate in high-stress activities. Flat feet may cause your knees to bend inward, hips to tilt forward, and the lower back to have an exaggerated hunch. Custom orthotic inserts can improve your posture over time by targeting the areas which receive the highest amount of pressure.

Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain can be a real nuisance and significantly hamper your mobility. The disturbed posture caused by flat feet will cause the back to curve more than it should. This can lead to constant pain in the lower back area. Instead of opting for surgery to solve this issue, you can simply use custom orthotic inserts. These shoe inserts made specifically for your feet will prevent the shinbone and thighbone from twisting and exerting undue pressure on your lower back and hips.

Better Balance

Flatfooted people have no arches under their feet to provide support. As a result, such people are more prone to developing muscular imbalance in their ankles, legs, and hips. Problems with alignment contribute to this problem, creating severe issues with balance. This can increase your chances of falling down and potentially injuring yourself. Orthotic inserts provide the perfect cushion against stress, helping you balance your gait.


Custom orthotic inserts are designed to cater to the specific problem with your feet. While orthotic inserts can help heal a variety of foot and leg conditions, flatfooted people can especially benefit from these devices. When you are able to provide your feet with the support they need, you will see an improvement in your balance, posture, and overall performance.

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