How to Get Rid of Leg Fatigue

How to Get Rid of Leg Fatigue
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When a person spends a lot of time on his feet, for example, during daily standing work, evening shopping trips or taking care of a child, all this affects the blood supply to the lower extremities and leads to painful sensations not only in the legs, but also the whole body. When the painful hours in beautiful shoes are left behind– it’s time to take care of the health of your feet.


Therapeutic massage of the lower extremities is a pleasant procedure that relieves fatigue and brings muscle tone back to normal. Go for a therapeutic or classic full body massage in Dubai. This is one of the effective procedures that will help to remove discomfort in the legs and slightly relieve swelling after a long day of work. After visiting the Аrmonia massage center, you will improve not only your well-being, but also your mood.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the spa, then do the massage yourself. For 20 minutes, massage the foot with circular movements in the heel-toe direction. For greater effect, it is advisable to do water treatments before the massage or just hold your feet in warm water. Next, use massage oil or cream on clean legs. After the exercises with the foot, rise higher, to the shin, massage the calf muscle, moving along the massage lines, that is, from the bottom up.

The benefits of self-massage are great, but it cannot replace a full-fledged massage performed by a professional.

Warm Foot Baths

You get real pleasure and relaxation when, after being on your feet for a long time, you make yourself a warm bath. This is one of the most pleasant procedures, and if you add some components to the water, it will also be useful. The components can be both sea salt and herbs (mint, chamomile, nettle and others), essential oils, adding 5-7 drops to water; or natural fruits. For example, by adding citrus fruits to water, you will get not only an antibacterial effect, but also a dizzying and invigorating aroma.

Light Foot Exercises

Despite being tired by the end of the day, light exercise will not interfere. Sit down, bend and straighten your toes several times, then stand up and rise several times on your toes. After that, you should do the exercise “bicycle”, which will not only relieve fatigue, but also contribute to improving blood circulation in the legs. Energy consumption during the warm-up is minimal, but you will feel a clear relief.

Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot on grass, sand or small stones is very useful, as this way the nerve endings in the feet are stimulated. This allows you to relieve swelling and fatigue of the legs. But what if it’s hard for you to find such a natural “luxury” in urban life? The best solution is a special massage mat, thanks to which the feet will receive a full massage.

Orthopedic Insoles 

Orthopedic insoles serve to improve the biomechanics of the feet, which helps to reduce stress on the feet, legs and back, and also reduces the risk of various diseases, such as flat feet or varicose veins.

Legs Up

Another way will help those who are really very tired, but the pain in their legs prevents them from relaxing. When you get home, lie down so that your legs are just above your head (a pillow or a roller will help) – this will help relieve fatigue and puffiness. While you are lying down, you can listen to music, watch a movie or read about the opportunities provided by the UAE. If you are planning a trip, the United Arab Emirates is the best solution, since it is this country that owns the unique and best sights of the world.

Don’t let the pain take hold of you. Do everything possible to improve your well-being and health.

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