Matchie Watchie: The Inside Scoop on Matching Watches With Your Shoes

Matching Watches With Your Shoes
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Matching clothes isn’t the only thing we must do to be stylish. Finding the right accessories is just as important. I’m talking about shoes and watches! Stop the clock! Look down at your feet. You didn’t slip on just any pair of shoes this morning, did you? Of course not!

We make the decision every day about what shoes to put on our feet. Whether it’s a conscious one or not, we do it! The same should be said for matching watches with our daily activities.

Everyone should know how to wear a watch with their favorite pair of shoes!

Matching Shoes With Daily Activities

Many of us take the time to delicately assemble the perfect outfit. We look in the mirror and see what colors or designs look best with one another.

The shoes we pick out must match accordingly with color and style. After posing and gazing in the mirror, we finally select the shoes that compliment our shirt the best. Now we have the perfect outfit for the occasion.

But not everyone evaluates color choices before heading out the door. Others, make the decision without much thought process. These decisions are circumstantial.

Even our not-into-fashion friends make decisions every day about what shoes to put on their feet. Yes, I’m talking about you guys! You do it!

Here are some examples:

The Runner

You’re going out for a jog. Are you going to slip on a pair of pumps? Heck no!

You might not be into styles, but you’re still going to pick the right shoes for the occasion and lace up those great running sneaker.

The Professional

You’re running late for a meeting with the company’s CEO. Are you going to slide into those old flip flops you keep by the door for quick trips to the mailbox? Definitely not!

Without a second thought, you grab those formal flats and hurry on your way. The decision process is done naturally. Just the same, we should use this process when deciding which watch to wear! Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be!

Matching Watches With Shoes: The Rundown

Top luxury watch brands offer styles suited for any pair of shoes. Digital watches go great with sports shoes or casual shoes. Analog watches have more options, because they offer a large variety.

Let’s break it down more specifically.

Digital Or Analog?

Accessorizing the right watch is just as easy as choosing the right pair of shoes. The perfect watch is dependent upon what our day entails. We need to choose the watch face that will be convenient for us.

We know that there are two types of watch faces: digital and analog.


Digital watch faces are mostly found on sports or casual watches and usually have a rubber or silicone band. Digital faces are the new rave when it comes to smart watches.

These watches work great when playing sports or working out because you can easily see what time it is while on the move.

Most of these watches include features to display the number of steps you’ve taken that day and pulse rate. They work great for keeping track of your workout and health.

A watch that has a digital face shouldn’t be worn with anything other than sports or casual wear.

Match them with:

  • Sneakers
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Running Shoes

These watches can be worn with most casual wear. If your daily planner has you running errands and cleaning the house for the day, then this watch will fit into your needs nicely. This means you flip flop and casual flats lovers!

Match them with:

  • Flip Flops
  • Casual Flats
  • Slides

If your planner has other plans for you, such as work and meetings, then you want to go another route.


Analog is the most versatile watch face. It is found on watches used for sports and casual wear as well as formal and business.

Some analog watch faces are more formal than others. These watches use different forms for telling time other than simple numbers. It gives the watch a classy feel.

Some analog clocks have no numbers at all and only the hour and minute hand. Others use hash marks or Roman numerals. More sophisticated analog watches can be worn with business attire.

Match them with:

  • Dress Shoes
  • Formal Shoes

Now that we are familiar with the different types of watch faces, we have a general idea of what shoes we should and shouldn’t wear with them.

But watches can be pretty specific so let’s really dig into truly matching watches with our shoes.

Sport Watches

We learned that most sport watches have a digital face and rubber or silicone bands. These types of bands are intended to keep the watch waterproof, sweatproof, and keep durability.

There are sport watches made to be worn for a specific purpose, and ones that are made for general sports/activities.

Diver Sport Watches Match With:

General Sport Watches Match With:

  • Workout Shoes
  • Running Shoes

If you aren’t spending the day in the water, then a general sports watch will get the job done!

Casual Watches

Casual watches are mainly metal watches. Gold, platinum, and silver all fall under “metal watches.”

Metal straps are easily adaptable between business casual and casual. Metal casual watches have a basic, simple dial.

Metal Casual Watches Match With:

  • Casual Flats
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Leather Shoes
  • Casual Boots
  • Black/Blue/Gray Shoes (Silver metal)
  • Brown/Tan Shoes (Gold metal)

Metal watches can be worn to match a variety of casual shoes. The simpler the watch is, the better to match simpler shoes with it. And the type of metal on your watch should mirror the type of metal on your shoes or accessories!

Golds with golds, silvers with silvers, etc.

Dress/Formal Watches

Dress or formal watches can be metal as well. Crystal and diamond accents with a thin dial lean more towards dress watches.

However, sleek leather bands are commonly viewed as more formal than the metal bands. Examples of this would be a formal gold face watch with leather band.

Metal Dress Watches Match With:

  • Formal Flats
  • Pumps
  • In-the-office Shoes
  • Formal Boots (boots with heels/leather)

Leather Dress Watches Match With:

  • Leather Shoes (leather color of shoes should match leather color of band)
  • Black Shoes (with black leather band)
  • Brown Shoes (with brown leather band)

Matching leather watches to your shoes is super easy. Simply match the colors and get ready to style!

Style Time!

Choosing the right watch is just as easy as choosing the right outfit. Our watches should match our activities for the day. Keep in mind that your watch should be sensible for each specific occasion. Align with your outfit, and you’re ready to be styling!

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