5 Reasons To Choose Nappa Leather Shoes

Nappa Leather Shoes
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When looking for leather shoes, you’re expecting something of high-quality texture and color. You’ll often encounter common leather types such as calfskin, suede, or nubuck. While these examples are popular and loved by many worldwide, one shoe material you should try paying attention to is Nappa.

Nappa leather, sometimes spelled as ‘napa,’ is a material that comes from sheep, calf, or goat skin. It gets its name from Napa Valley, California, but even this is a contested origin. Nevertheless, Nappa leather is a delicate material, especially for shoes. If you need new leather footwear that’s worth the money, here are some reasons that may help you consider this excellent material:


Leather shoes tend to be stiff, so you often need time to fit before choosing. Sometimes, even after purchasing a pair, it takes a while for you to get used to wearing them. That might not be the case if you’re looking for Nappa leather shoes. One of the main characteristics of the material is its softness and flexibility. Natural Nappa is extremely sensitive, hence its price point. But it’s also what makes it precious.

Nappa leather is an excellent material for the tops of leather shoes. It naturally conforms to the shape of one’s foot, making it easy to walk or run with it. It’s also breathable, so you can continue walking comfortably even in sweltering weather.


Despite the sensitivity of Nappa leather, it’s surprisingly durable. Its smooth, fine-grained surface makes it resistant to light scuffs and scratches, which often affect footwear of any type. It’s soft to the touch, but you can rest assured your feet are protected well. Because of its durability, you can expect your Nappa leather shoes to last a long time.

Nappa leather dries out fast when wet, too. However, it could leave cracks and wrinkles afterward. But don’t fret. You can remedy this issue by applying a waterproofing agent to make it water-resistant, a common practice for leather shoe owners.

To better protect your Nappa leather shoes from damage and lengthen their lifespan, store your pair away from moisture and sunlight when not in use. You may also apply conditioning cream to your shoes before going out when it’s raining or snowing.

Luxurious Material

Leather is already generally seen by many people as luxurious. But Nappa leather is in another league. The genuine versions are full-grained, meaning that they’re untreated save for hair removal. They’re left with a fine, natural texture, which makes them look unique compared to other types of leather. It appears high-end and expensive thanks to its polished finish. So, even if you wear a simple outfit to work, you can draw positive attention to your shoes.

Its softness also adds to Nappa’s luxurious feel. Imagine yourself wearing the most expensive yet most comfortable piece of fabric on your feet. You might never want to take off your shoes after a long day. Just make sure you take them off and remove the odor that typically comes with leather products.

Nappa Leather Shoes


Believe it or not, some people are allergic to certain types of leather. The allergic reaction comes from the chemicals used to treat the material. Nappa leather is unique in that it’s often untreated with harsh chemicals. Thus, it’s generally safe for people with sensitive skin.

If you frequently wear leather shoes to work and come home with rashes on your feet, it may be because of the leather. Consider getting a new pair made of Nappa leather and see if there would be any different. Your feet may thank you later.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

One gripe many owners of expensive shoes have is how challenging it is to clean their footwear without ruining the quality. That isn’t the case if you have a pair of Nappa leather shoes. Despite how expensive it is, it’s pretty easy and quick to clean leather that’s non-porous and smooth in texture. Use a dry brush or cloth first to remove any loose dirt or dust. Then, finish off with some mild household detergent and a damp cloth.

If you want to be more careful in cleaning Nappa leather, review the manufacturer’s instructions. They should have a precise step-by-step method to clean your shoes properly. Follow these steps to ensure your Nappa leather footwear maintains its color and quality to last a lifetime.

This generally effortless process is a godsend for those who lack the time or frequently travel for business. It’s already a big deal to care for footwear while traveling, so having a quick and easy way to clean Nappa leather lessens the load.


Nappa leather shoes may be pricey, but they’re worth every penny. They’re the perfect footwear for people always on the move and who prefer comfort without reducing style points. These shoes pair well with formal and casual outfits and are durable enough to last you a long time. When you get your first pair of Nappa leather shoes, they may be the only type of shoes you wear for work, for errands, anytime, and anywhere.

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