Hot Spring Trend: Color Block Wedges

Color blocking has been going strong for a while, but it has never been cuter than  in the wild and crazy shades popping up this spring, especially when those colors are popping up on our shoes! Color blocking basically means creating an article of clothing, or an entire look, that utilizes panels (or blocks) of separate colors to make one final pattern.

There has been tons of color blocking going on in footwear this season, but some of the cutest has been in the color block wedge. The wedge is extra fun because there is more space to block out different shades, like the Pierre Hardy wedge (shown above).

Steve Madden Wimzikul Color Block Wedges

Look for similar shoes at affordable prices, like these via ASOS (shown above) So how can we wear these runway styles in real life? Here are some of the easiest ways to pull off a color blocked wedge:

With blocks of neutrals:
Pair your colorful shoes with shades of tan, brown, almond, and cream. Pairing different shades of neutrals together is very on-trend this spring. Try adding a splash of one of the bright colors on your shoe somewhere in your outfit, and you’re good to go.

With all white:
Wearing all white seems like a fashion no-no, but it is all the rage for spring this year. Take a pair of coral, tangerine, and neon yellow wedges and pair them with white capris and a tucked in white tank. Top is off with a neutral bag in a camel tone.

With light denim:
Light denim is always nice for spring because it feels fresh and the fabric itself is actually lighter than a dark denim. Try making a simple, but bold, statement with some light blue skinny jeans or short shorts paired with a plain white-T and some funky color block wedges.

Will all print:
This is probably not spring’s easiest look to pull off for us real girls, but it’s still worth a gander. Head to toe print is a huge trend right now and brings back visions of 50’s pantsuits and Brigitte Bardot-esque girlishness. Try looking for a skirt and blouse combination in a funky or girly all-over print and pair it with wedges that complement those shades.

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