What Happened to Crocs Rx Relief?

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What was the Crocs RX Relief Line?

The Crocs Rx line was developed with input from footwear specialists, and includes shoes and socks designed for people with specific medical and therapeutic, podiatric conditions, many of which are associated with diabetes, and was awarded  the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association)  Seal of Acceptance. “Crocs Rx shoes are a comfortable, yet fashionable footwear alternative for people who suffer from foot pain,” said APMA President Christian Robertozzi.

What replaced Crocs RX Relief?

Unfortunately, Crocs has discontinued one the favorite lines of shoes. The Crocs RX Relief are no longer in production and it looks like they have yet to come out with a replacement line.

You might find some old stock on sites like Ebay or these on Pro Therapy Supplies.com

The best alternative would be to try the Crocs for Work line, specifically made for medical professionals. These Crocs would offer the same support and comfort for those with severe foot pain. 

So which Crocs Rx is right for you?   No prescription needed.

CrocsRx relief –  specifically designed to provide therapeutic relief for a number of foot conditions. The ultra soft sole provides a cushioning effect for plantar pain, heel pain, metatarsalgia and generally achy feet. The wide toe box is ideal for many post-op conditions as well as bunions.

CrocsRx Cloud - Sea BlueCrocsRx cloud – specifically designed with the diabetic foot in mind. The superior-soft footbed provides a gentle environment for sensitive feet, while the roomy toe box allows for use of a medical sock (like the CrocsRx Medical Orthocloud sock) without creating any tightness or pressure points on the foot.

CrocsRx silver cloud – Infused with silver particles, the silver cloud creates an anti-microbial and anti-fungal environment for the foot. It’s ideal for anyone susceptible to skin breakdown, ulcers, foot fungus and infections. Its super-soft footbed provides a gentle environment for sensitive feet, while the roomy toe box allows for use of a medical sock.

CrocsRx custom cloud – designed as protective footwear. It features extra depth for moldable inserts, a soft shock-absorbing footbed and a protective toe cap. This comfortable shoe features front and back adjustable straps, and it is made from croslite Ag+ material, making it anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

CrocsRx silver fox – The silver fox is the feminine and stylish approach to comforting heel pain, arch pain and for those women with ultra sensitive feet.


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  1. Those RX Crocs are certified by the U.S. Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association. No Lie!

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