Knockoff Balmain Uma Zipper Booties

Can’t afford Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Zipper Booties (shown above) that sell for $1,495 at (and $1,685 from   Here’s are some near replicas discovered by The Look for Less

From Left to Right (priced lowest to highest)…

Anne Michelle Addiction 53 Black Just Zip It Boots, $53 from

Black Suede Zipper Boots, $198 from

3 thoughts on “Knockoff Balmain Uma Zipper Booties

  1. The Giuseppe Zanotti/Balmain collaboration has yielded some of the hottest Fall looks! I love to see knock-offs because lets face it, who can afford $1,400 shoes these days?! There’s another GZ for Balmain knock-off at (Rags to Riches pg). Keep the look-a-likes coming!

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