How to Wear Boots for Added Height

Men’s boots have evolved throughout the decades to be a mainstay of men’s fashion that focuses purely on utility. The best way to choose boots that give you the look you want is to choose the following elements when you are shopping:

    • Platform: The height increasing nature of some men’s boots mean that they make men look instantly taller. This instant look is perfect for men who want a height boost. Men’s boots with a height increasing platform can be worn for casual looks as well. These types of men’s boots offer value for money because you can buy one pair and wear it across the year because of the tough material of the platform.
  • Utility: Working on your passion car or motorbike project on the weekend? If the answer is yes to any project like this, you need boots that you can move around in. The wear and tear aspect of boots cannot be underestimated. Manufacturers of height increasing shoes know that utility is one of the most important parts of having a pair of boots.
  • Go for practical colours: Men’s boots look their best especially if you want to look taller when you opt for practical colours. There are various shades of dark colours like ebony, brown and tan that look good for men who want to have a height boost.
  • Pick boots with durable laces: Laces are the key to the success of every pair of men’s boots. You need boots that have laces which are thick, durable and will be able to handle any pressure that is put under them.
  • Pair boots with trousers of the same colour: One trick that you can use in order to appear taller is you can wear boots that match the hue of your trousers. What this does is it creates a uniformity that you can’t get any other way. Ever wonder why men in the army look tall and powerful? Having a uniform or clothes that signal consistency achieves this. Match this with a pair of men’s boots and you will look taller.

Top tips to choose the right pair of boots

  • Be sensitive to price points: A new pair of boots is similar to a new pair of cufflinks: you can buy one pair and keep them for a long time. Because of this, splashing out on a good pair of height increasing boots is worth every penny. Choose a good budget of around £100 each that you can start off with. If you are looking to save money with your purchases, buy two pairs of boots at the same time.
  • Pick slip on boots for efficiency: Living a busy lifestyle means sometimes you don’t have time to painstakingly put on a new pair of boots with laces. To respond to growing consumer demand, shoe brands for men have created slip on boots that are efficient for busy men who want to look taller without spending too much time achieving this look. 

This is a guest post by Charlie Oszvald. Occasional guest poster on height increasing shoes and full time fashionista. Charlie currently represents Altitude Shoes, a great resource for finding elevator shoes for men.

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