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Malu Shoes
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Malu shoes is a wholesale and retail fashion brand in Italy. This European brand is famous for its stylish design and durable footwear. Also, expert shoemakers and artisans design, create and decorate each of their items. Over the years, they’ve expanded their assortment for universal purposes. Hence, you can find shoes for all sexes in a wide price range. As such, visitors can get cheaper products for more casual wear, but also find some elite creations for a higher asking price.

On this note, visitors can check the Stock Market section on the brand’s official website. At the same time, ensure to examine their seasonal discounts and offers. Moreover, they offer various types of footwear for women and men, such as boots, sandals, shoes, and heels.

Trending Styles

Currently, boots are the most popular and in-demand design of Malu Shoes. On that front, customers often ask for the Camperos western-style black cowboy boots at EUR 42.84. Another trendy item is the Woman Ankle Boot Combat beige suede soft with curled high tank bottom. The price for this woman’s ankle boot is EUR 35.70. However, these prices do not include discounts. Therefore, you might find a way to shave off some of the costs.


Italian shoe sizes follow European shoe measurement standards. So, note that shoe sizing in Europe tends to be smaller than the one in the US. In other words, there are slight market differences that one should keep in mind. On this note, here’s a Malu shoe size guide:


EU  US UK Foot Size (cm) 
36 5 3 22.9
37 6 4 23.8
38 6.5 5 24.3
39 7.5 6 25.1
40 8 7 25.4
41 9 8 26.3
42 9.5 9 26.7


EU  US  UK Foot Size (cm)
39 7 5 25.1
40 7.5 6 25.4
41 8.5 7 26.3
42 9 8 26.7
43 10 9 27.6
44 10.5 10 28
45 11.5 11 28.9
46 12 12 29.3
47 13 13 30.1
48 13.5 14 30.6

However, even though they follow European sizing standards, Italian shoes tend to run smaller compared to the rest of that market space. Therefore, you can refer to the cm size in the table above.


Most customer feedback expresses satisfaction with service and product quality. For example, they liked how promptly they got responses both online and in the stores. Similarly, customers praised the fast delivery times provided by this brand. Furthermore, customers often highlight the top-notch quality, describing the shoes as durable and stylish.

How to Clean

The Malu shoe collection comprises various materials. For instance, the boots feature calf leather, calf rubber, eco-leather, etc. As a result, you need to approach the task of cleaning them with the proper know-how.

So, regarding calf leather, start by removing all dust and dirt using a horsehair brush. Next, apply a thin layer of special calf leather shoe cream, and rub evenly. Also, try to pick a cream with a hint that matches the color of your shoes. Afterward, let the shoes dry for about 20 minutes.

On the other hand, here’s how to deal with suede shoes. First, use a bristle brush and soak it in suede cleaning fluid. Then, brush gently in one direction. At this point, look for stains and apply back and forth motions to those areas. Finally, let it sit for at least 24 hours to dry. For care so that your suede feels soft, apply mink oil using a small soft brush.

How to Find These Products

Malu Shoes has an official online and offline store that you can contact. Meanwhile, you can visit their Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Italy, or their official website. However, keep in mind that the price listed on the Amazon platform is slightly more expensive than the price on the official website. On this note, keep an eye on potential season offers and discounts. In other words, going online at the right time can lead you to some attractive deals.

Where to Buy Dupes

If you want to find a replica at a lower price, visit the Alibaba website. Then, do an Image search, and you will find lots of similar shoes. Yet, the shoes may not be the same because Malu Shoes are designed and made by artisan shoemakers. Also, Alibaba offers a similar option at a much lower price. For example, you can find much cheaper women’s ankle boots made of suede via that domain. Similarly, there are replicas for the more elite types of footwear too.

Image Source: Malu Shoes

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