Strut like Daisy Duke in Red Cowboy Boots

red cowboy boots
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It’s been more than 15 years since Jessica Simpson first strutted her stuff as Daisy Dukes in the 2005 revival of Dukes of Hazzard – originally a long-running series starring Catherine Bach as the cousin of Bo and Luke Duke. It may be Bach who first inspired the nickname Daisy Dukes for cut-off denim shorts, but it’s Simpson who made the red cowboy boots iconic. In fact, the film inspired Simpson to launch her own shoe line. After the movie debuted, “everybody was hyperfocused on the Daisy Duke [jean shorts] and the cowboy boot,” Simpson told Bloomberg. So the line launched with a red, high-heeled boot – just like the one she wore in the Dukes of Hazzard.

Well, maybe not just like the ones from the film. Daisy Duke actually wore genuine leather round toe mid-shaft N4525 5/4 Red Cowboy Boots in the movie, but those Lucchese cowboy boots are expensive. She’s still rocking her own versions of those dazzling red cowboy boots. And you can too. Read on to find your own pay of red cowboy boots without spending a fortune, whether you’re looking for boots to wear this winter or just for fun.



Where to Buy Jessica Simpson’s Red Cowboy Boots from “Dukes of Hazzard.”

There are a ton of retailers where you can buy your own pair of red cowboy boots that look just like the ones Simpson wore as Daisy Duke. Check out these options below:


Prefer short boots to tall ones, or flats to heels? You can find a wide variety of red cowboy boots on Amazon at a range of prices.


Handcrafted since the shoemaker’s founding in 1883, Lucchese red leather cowboy boots are the ones Jessica Simpson wore in her role as Daisy Duke. If you want the real thing, they’re the way to go.


You can find used Lucchese Boots for less if you keep a sharp eye out on eBay. Be sure to check back regularly so that you can place a bid as soon as a pair in your size becomes available.

Lane Cowboy Boots

Lane Cowboy Boots aren’t as expensive as Lucchese, but these quality boots are made to last. The company was founded in Texas with the goal of creating boots of unmatched style and comfort.


The online retailer has items from thousands of brands for sale, and is a great place to search for the red cowboy boots of your dreams. (In fact, there are so many options that you may want to take a look!)


This Heritage R Toe StretchFit Western Boot are the perfect pair of classic cowboy boots, with red stitching and a traditional R toe – but done in an eye-catching shade of red instead of the typical brown.


Heelchic has a variety of cowboy boots for sale, many of which feature gorgeous embroidery and even a touch of sparkle – enough to add a serious wow-factor to your Daisy Duke-inspired boots.

Get these Jessica Simpson Daisy Round Toe Mid-Shaft Boots like Jessica Simpson wore in the Dukes of Hazzard movie!


Daisy Duke actually wore genuine leather round toe mid-shaft N4525 5/4 Red Cowboy Boots in the movie, but who can afford Lucchese cowboy boots?!?!

These red cowboy boots like Jessica Simpson wore as Daisy Duke will have you strutting your southern style!

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