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Rick Owens Shoes
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Rick Owens’ fashion line was launched in 1994 and managed to find worldwide success. The brand started with women’s wear but now dabbles in all various categories. Rick Owens shoes are popular due to their sleek and abstract designs. Also, they feature quality and premium material, are comfortable on the feet, and are easy to clean.

Over the years, many celebrities endorsed these products, giving them an elite profile. Hence, wearing a Rick Owens shoe is rarely out of style.

Popular/Trending Styles

Rick Owens shoes come in different styles: the lace-up ankle boots, Beatle Bozo tractor boots, 75mm suede platform boots, Phlegethon Beatle boots, elasticated side panels boots, Rick Owens DRKSHDW sneakers, etc. Currently, these are the most famous of the bunch:

Rick Owens/Birkenstock

This is an example of two brands joining hands to create something worthwhile. As such, it is an item fit for any gala event or the like.

Rick Owens Replacement Shoelaces (High-Top 62")


Rick Owens’ “DRKSHDW” is another popular collection. To come up with their distinctive design, Rick Owens partnered with Converse. Hence, these shoes combine classic and casual styles.


The TURBODRK collection features Converse’s Chuck 70 style with an added Rick Owens flair. The Chuck 70 is globally famous, and with Rick Owen’s glamour design, they’ve achieved something even better.

Beatle Abstract Sneakers

The Beatle abstract sneakers are a modern version of the classic Chelsea shoe design. They consist of a pull tab at the heel and are comfortable and gentle on the feet. As a result, they’re easily discernible as a Rick Owens product.

Rick Owens Shoes


Rick Owens shoes are available in several sizes; nevertheless, the fit is dependent on the model. Most do run big instead of true to size.

Hence, some models require you to try several sizes to find the best fit. You can also check the Rick Owens shoe size guide here. 

Do Rick Owens Shoes Run Big? 

Yes, they do tend to run big. When buying laceless Rick Owen shoes, it is best to go half or one size down for a better fit. Leather shoes follow the same criteria since they expand over time. If your Rick Owen shoes are uncomfortable the first time you wear them, you need not fret as they will expand with time.

How Much do Rick Owen’s Shoes Cost?

Rick Owens shoes are a luxury brand and command high prices. Sandals, slides and lower price shoes start at $450 with boots and sneakers and special editions going into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

Rick Owens Shoes


Rick Owens is a brand focusing on comfort while providing slick and stylish designs. Even today, they continue to innovate and put out new lines of products. The customer feedback is positive, and they testify to the quality of the material used in the production of the shoes. When asked what they think about the expensive cost of these shoes, customers stated that the quality of the shoes matches the price; thus, they don’t mind paying good money for the value they get.

How to spot fake Rick Owens?

The first sign you have fakes is the price, if it seems to good to be true then likely they aren’t real. You will also want to consider where you are buying them, if the shoes are from a reputable department store or authorized retailer you are fine. 

Fakes will mostly be found on resale sites that don’t offer authentication. This article does an excellent deep dive with visuals on all the signs to look out for from laces to logo placement, fabrics and more. 

How to Clean Rick Owens Shoes

Rick Owens shoes are pretty easy to care for, and if you clean them regularly, you’ll also preserve their color. Here are some tips for managing your Rick Owens shoes.

  • Store them in the original box
  • Use footwear cleaner for cleaning
  • Use a cleaning brush for the leather parts

Where to Buy Rick Owens Shoes

You can buy Rick Owens shoes from the official website to get great prices, given that they have your item in stock at that moment. However, you can also track these shoes down via numerous online and offline vendors.

Rick Owens Shoes

Where to Buy Rick Owens Dupes

Rick Owens “inspired” shoes are available almost everywhere. They may be of lesser quality than the originals but are also cheaper. For example, check some popular online stores like Alibaba.

The easiest way to spot a fake Rick Owens is by inspecting the stitches. An original Rick Owens has the quality and neat finishing that you cannot easily copy. The shape and design of soles are another way to spot a Rick Owen dupe. Therefore, remember to look closely at these aspects.


Rick Owens Shoes are costly but offer premium quality and are made to last. In that manner, this brand managed to upkeep its image for more than two decades and counting.

Rick Owens Shoes
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