5 Ways To Wear Dance Shoes In Everyday Life

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People who love shoes know how hard it is to find shoes that look good, feel good, and hold up well. No matter how nice a shoe looks with an outfit, if they hurt your feet, they must go. If you have ever been in dance, you know how important the shoes are. They have a big job to do, and they do it well. So well, in fact, that dance shoes have made their way to everyday life.

Dancing shoes cost more than you may pay at a big box store, but they will outlive several pair. You can order dance shoes online at Just For Kix. Dancing shoes are of good value. If they are damaged, it is worth your time to have them repaired. They maintain their integrity even when they are in need of simple repairs.

Not on the Dance Floor

Before you grab your ballroom heels and head out to a spectacular evening remember this. Once you have worn your dancing shoes in your daily activities, you can not use them again on the studio floor. Even if the soles are leather as in ballet or thick rubber as in Hip Hop shoes once worn outside the studio, they can damage the floor. A bit of grit or a pebble lodged in the soles will scratch and scuff the floor. This puts the dancers that use that floor at risk of injury. However, there are so many dance shoe styles and colors that you will not mind buying one specific shoe for dance and the rest for your wardrobe.


Everyone should have at least one pair of Pointe shoes for casual wear. These shoes are made to take abuse. They are often worn with shorts or jeans. This year, jumpsuits and pantsuits are a hot trend. Wear your pointe with a flowing and colorful jumpsuit is the perfect spring or summer look. This is a great outfit for shopping or meeting people for brunch.

Hip Hop Shoes

Hip Hop Shoes are the most controversial shoe in the dance shoe line-up. Why? Because when people look at them, they think they are looking at nice sneakers. That leads to people trying to wear shoes on the dance floor that are not made for dance. Hip Hop dancers love bright colors and bling. So, there is always a variety to choose from.

Sneakers are made for casual wear. They look great with everything from cut-offs to pearls. But consider this, when you are watching a basketball game, the players need shoes that will absorb the shock of jumping and running continually. That is why they are outfitted with shoes that meet their needs. A Hip Hop Dancer needs shoes that are similar. Their shoes need to absorb impact. But, they need shoes that stop when they stop. They need shoes that protect the arches of the foot and the ankles. Buying Hip Hop shoes for daily wear is a very smart choice. They are unsurpassed in comfort, and they look great.

Ballroom Shoes

You probably don’t know it, but there are always people wearing ballroom shoes at corporate events, dinners, and parties. That is because the people are going to be on their feet and traditional heels are not made for walking, Ballroom heels are available in every color and style. They have leather soles and they are worn with formal dresses, and even to work. Your ballroom shoes will become one of your favorites.

Even if you have selected a pair of ballroom dance shoes to be used outside the studio, you do not want to wear them on the sidewalk. Concrete will eat the soles up quickly. Take them with you in a shoe bag and change when you get inside.

Party Time!

When you want to go to the club, you have a lot of choices in the shoes you will wear. The ballroom heels will give you a subtle and chic look. Or you may choose army boots with short shorts. Your new look just needs a little inspiration.

To decide what shoes to wear on your night out, you first have to know what kind of club it is. Remember, your shoes are an important part of your first impression.

What You Need to Know

Ballroom shoes can be closed or open toed. The heights of the of the heel are 1”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” tall. They can have a flared heel or a thick heel. Flared heels make turning easier, but for Latin dances, you need the thicker heal. You can also buy sandals made for ballroom dance.

If this is your first time wearing ballroom shoes in a social setting, buy only one pair to try them. You will find that some are easier to party in. We suggest a shoe with closed toes. Go with a pair that is 2” tall. This is your mid-range shoe. It will be slip resistant with leather/suede soles. They have a specially designed arch support system.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Kids do not know what the problem is when it comes to playing time. Explain the difference and have them select a place to store their dance shoes. Just give their old dance shoes to run outside and play. They will get used to it soon.

Dance shoes are worth a lot because you get a lot from them. Every member of the family will play better, live better, and dance better when they get the right dance shoes, so start selecting them now. Being able to be comfortable when you living your life will give you more ambition to explore the world together. That in itself is a good return on your investment.

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