Best Socks To Wear With Boots

How To Choose Best Socks For Your Footwear
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Wearing the right socks with your boots can make or break your outfit. Luckily, there are many different types of socks so you can customize your look to get the best outcome.

Choosing the Best Socks for Boots 

Sock Length

the right sock length depends on the type of boot and if you want it to show while you’re wearing it (this is a matter of personal style). 


most socks are made from cotton because it’s soft and comfortable. But, if you want to keep your feet warm in the winter, you should probably look for socks made from Merino wool.


some socks are designed with extra support and cushioning to keep your feet nice and cozy. These socks are perfect when you’re walking a lot or you don’t feel too comfortable in your shoes.

Here are all the different types of socks to wear with boots you need to need to know (and buy!)

1. How To Wear Hunter Boots In The Winter

When the winter months roll in, it’s not always a good idea to wear rain boots. However, with the right socks, you can still rock your Hunter Boots. A good thick pair of fleece socks will keep your feet warm all day long and help to make your feet fit better in the boots. Just pick the color that best goes with the outfits you plan on wearing and you’re all set.

Hunter Half Cardigan Boot Socks White LG (Women's Shoe 8-10)

2. Thin Over-The-Knee Socks

If you’re looking for something that will make you look super cute, then thin knit over-the-knee socks are the ideal choice. When it starts getting cold, they’ll give your legs some extra coverage since you can always unroll the top so they sit at the top of your thighs. They are just thick enough to make any pair of boots comfortable to wear, while keeping your feet and toes lovely warm.

Womens Thigh High Socks Knitted Long Tall Over the Knee Socks Winter Warm, Black, White

3. Wool Over-The-Knee Socks 

These are the ultimate socks for warmth. They’ll also keep your legs all cozy and toasty. Wool over-the-knee socks are so cute they can be worn with any boots in your wardrobe. Thanks to the wool, there’s no way you’ll feel cold. If you want to show off a bit after you take your boots off, grab a pair that splash a bit of color at the heels or across the toes. 

RealTree Heavyweight Merino Wool Tall All Season Boot Socks 1 Pair, Large, Tan/Olive

4. Boot Socks That Make A Statement

Want to get people talking? Boot socks full of color and patterns are a great way to make a statement. You can choose how bold you want to go; the brighter the colors, the more striking your statement will be. Color blocks work really well with ankle boots, but you can get some longer pairs to wear with higher boots. 

5 Pack Womens Wool Socks, Tnvee Winter Warm Boot Socks Gift Box Vintage Casual Sock Thick Knit Crew Fuzzy Socks for Women Christmas Gift Free Size-A

5. Thermal Knee-High Socks

As noted by Gift Wits, thermal technology will always keep you warm and protected from the harsh, cold weather. Being knee-high, they are very cute and open up many opportunities for wear. For example, you could rock high boots and have the top of your socks peek over the top. You could also wear lower boots and have the entire sock on display. These socks are all about comfort and, depending on the style or pattern you choose, fun!

Warm Knee High Socks for Women&Men-Thermal Cotton Socks for Hiking,Work,Winter(Mixed Color 3(5 Pack Women))

6. Wool And Cashmere Socks

Just the name of these socks is enough to get anyone excited about socks. Made from a blend of cashmere and wool, you just already know how soft and comfortable your legs and feet will be while, even with the toughest leather boots. In terms of style, knitted patterns are a great choice because they can stick out from the boots for added attention, or you could go for a classic black or grey that can be worn with any outfit. Once you go cashmere, you can never go back. Fashionable, comfortable and practical: want more could you want from a pair of socks to wear with boots?

TTIMERO Mens Socks, Cashmere Socks for Men, Wool Casual Socks for Indoors Outdoors Hiking or Camping, Soft Warm Running Socks, Couples Gifts Mixed Color Socks 5 Pairs

7. Boot Socks That Don’t Fall Down

These boot socks are for anyone who feels like they’re always stopping every two minutes to pull their socks up. Every boot wearer’s dream is to find some socks that won’t fall down. Well, they do exist. One of the best brands for this type of sock is from No Cold Feet. They sit exactly where you’d expect them to be all day. Plus, they are super stylish, comfortable to wear and available for a great price, so pretty much the perfect combination.

8. Leg Warmers That Act Like Boot Cuffs 

These may not be socks exactly, but they are the perfect accessory to create the illusion of your socks providing cuffs. They work particularly well with short boots without having to shove your feet in, even when you want to wear some thicker socks to keep your feet warm. Some styles have little extras to compliment your outfit. For example, you could buy a pair with some buttons on the side to give your leg warmers some personality.

Loritta 2 Pairs Women Knit Leg Warmers Winter Warm Long Boot Socks,E(Black+Light gray)

9. Lacy Thigh-High Socks

If you’ve ever browsed Instagram fashion pages, you’ve probably seen a few cute outfit ideas that always seem to include thigh-high socks. Well, why not do it yourself? They usually come with some awesome details like buttons or lace to really add to the overall look. To top it all off, they work with all types of boots, no matter the length, so buy a pair or two that best suit your needs.

3 Pairs Winter Women's Extra Long Button Boot Socks with Lace Trim Over the Knee Thigh High Lace Stockings

10. Chilled Slouchy Socks

These are the final type of socks to wear with boots you need in your sock drawer. They allow you to just be chill. Slouchy socks are designed to fall down your leg and give you that relaxed vibe. Funnily enough, they may actually stay up better than your normal socks if you ever tried using them that way. You don’t need to go crazy with the colors. Black, white and grey are all you need for all your outfit and boots needs.

Women's Fall Winter Slouch Knit Socks (Basic Cotton Knit_Rib_4Pair)

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