5 Brands Making the Most Sustainable Shoes in the World Right Now

Sustainable Shoe brands
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There are a lot of details you look for in a good pair of shoes. They need to be comfortable, stylish, easy to walk in and last you a good, long while. What about sustainable shoes that give back to the planet?

It is no secret that not everyone in the shoemaking industry uses eco-friendly products or reasonable labor. Sustainable shoes are those that help reduce waste, avoid consuming endless resources, and avoid sweatshops.

All great things, but where do you find them? Here are five brands that create excellent, sustainable shoes.

1. Oka-B

So many shoes across the US and beyond are not recyclable. From weird plastics to heavy chemical treatment, many shoes end up in a landfill when they break down.

The wonderful people at Oka-B do their best to make sure each one of their shoes comes from recycled material. On average, 25% of each shoe is pure, recycled material.

Recycling makes a great impact, allowing natural resources to stay natural for as long as possible.

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2. Baabuk

This Swiss company has found a potent secret in crafting sustainable shoes and slippers from wool! Wool has a great power to regulate the temperature in the harshest of colds and even keep comfortable in the summer months.

Wool is also amazing in the comfort department. The shoe’s durability comes from strong felt crafting.

Comfy, durable, and great for winter weather, Baabuk has what you need.

Shop Baabuk slip-ons and slippers for Men and Women and enjoy pure sockless comfort! 

3. Adorit

Adorit is a great little company that aims to make the best ethical clothing Canada can supply. They believe that so many sustainable options forget to make great and fashionable clothes as well, and they are here to change that.

Not a single unethical source of labor or product comes through Adorit’s factories and lines. They also strive to use sustainable materials, such as recycled or fast-growing pieces.

Adorit aims to be a perfect combination of sustainability and accessible fashion and they show that they can do it well.

4. Everlane

Everlane is a company committed to transparency. They work with ethical factories and want you to know that every step of their production is ethical and sustainable by revealing  the true costs behind the products—from labor to materials and transportation. 

They provide modern and timeless  fashionable shoe and clohting designs with an eye toward a long-lasting product that you can enjoy for decades. Their materials are high-quality and their styles have a massive range to choose from.

Shop sustainably made shoes at Everlane including slides, sneakers, boots and more! 



ABLE is a powerhouse of a company that believes in changing the lives of their employees and their customers. They focus on employing women to get them out of harsh conditions and abject poverty.

ABLE works towards a strong future where the fashion industry is a pioneer in healthy practices. Their products inspire women with confidence and their practices inspire them with a welcoming workplace and compassion.





Sustainable Shoes for Peace of Mind

It feels good to enjoy what you love and still know that you can avoid those negative impacts of modern industry. With good sustainable shoes, you get a peace of mind that you made a positive choice for the world.

If it wasn’t obvious by the name, we here at Shoeaholics Anonymous love good shoes, good fashion, and a good time! Check out our wide range of wonderful articles for more on all that you need.

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