Shoeaholics Anonymous is a fellowship of women (and some men) who wish to share their shoeaholism. The only requirement for membership is you must have a love of shoes. There are no dues or fees to be a member. Our primary purpose is help other shoeaholics embrace their shoe addiction.

Meet Kim, President of Shoeaholics Anonymous

Kim in her shoe closet

I’d like to introduce myself as the President of Shoeaholics Anonymous. I am a certified shoeaholic. Admitting your addiction is the first step in the program. I encourage visitors to contact us with your shoe addiction story. It’ll make you feel so much better about buying that last pair of Casadeis that you’ll never wear. I promise.

Personally, I have always had a love for shoes even a young age.   I find the addiction is already carrying over into my three young daughters. I personally own hundreds of pairs of shoes, many of them I have never worn (in public anyway).   I can’t resist a pair of shoes on sale that I may need to wear someday!   So, if you have the same problem as me (and can admit it), I am here to help!

I have researched and found the top brands at the best prices.   Hey, if you just have to have shoes, you might as well save some bucks (to buy another pair or two)! And never, I repeat, NEVER pay for shipping costs.   I will help get them delivered to your door (or your neighbors’ door to hide them from the husband) for FREE!   Personally, I got rid of the husband, so I’m free to shop away…

Let’s see. What else would you like to know about me?

My Fav Shoes are Mules.   I hate Flip-Flips.
My shoe size is 7.5, the most common shoe size in America.
I am a divorced mom of four (including preemie twins) living in a small town in Nebraska. Thus I’m a Cornhusker fan.
I built a new house.
I love to save time and money.
I work from home.
I’m on  Facebook (wanna be my friend?) and you already “Like” Shoeaholics Anonymous on Facebook, right? Right.

Famous Shoe Quotes…

Not diamonds, but heels are a girl’s best friend. ~ William Rossi

A pair of new shoes might not cure a broken heart or soothe a tension headache, but they will relieve symptoms and chase away the blues. ~ Holly Brubach