5 Best Comfortable Shoe Brands for the Indoors

Comfortable Shoe Brands for Indoors
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Most people don’t see a reason as to why they shouldn’t walk around barefoot in their own homes. However, walking on hard surfaces for a long time puts unnecessary pressure and discomfort on your feet and may cause foot arches to collapse. Losing that cushioning diminishes your ability to protect your knees, hips, and lower back. Therefore, it’s equally important to wear shoes while indoors.

With so many designs to pick from, selecting the best shoe can be an uphill task, but in this article, we will help you make that choice. Here’s a list of the best shoes for around the house to buy today:

1. GettyGears Unisex Cross Slippers

Here is another perfect fit from UGG for those who love that laid-back look and pocket-friendly but still maintain that comfort and relaxation that is much needed at home. They are made from high-quality linen that absorbs sweat effortlessly, keeping your legs comfortable and dry as they should.

If you have sweaty feet, then these will also come in handy for you. You can also use them in your bathroom since they are skid-proof and, in the outdoors, if you so wish. However, for the outdoors, you’re mostly limited to using them during the summer to give that fitting casual look and not the cold seasons.

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GettyGears Men's Cross Braid Linen Skidproof Flax House Slippers Open Toe Cozy House Sandals Slides 12-13 M US for Women/ 11-12 M US for Men Black


2. UGG Tasman Unisex Slipper Chestnut

If you’re among those whose cold feet take a lot of time to heat up, especially when indoors, these would be perfect for you. Besides the warmth enhanced by the sheepskin lining, they also have that bright and unique suede look that we mostly see on outdoor wear. That said, they can also be worn outdoors if you wish to have that laid-back casual look.

They have also been designed to get rid of moisture and have a spongy footbed to keep you comfortable while walking. When purchasing these slippers, you may have to buy a size extra since they shrink up after their first washing and may not fit as well afterward if you have purchased your exact size. Besides that, it is still a tremendous long-lasting shoe.

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UGG Women's Tasman Slipper, Chestnut, 8 US/8 B US

3. The Pillow Slides

At times all you need is to sink into your footwear quickly and let your feet enjoy the comfort and the fresh air all day long. This feeling is exactly what Pillow Slides gives to you. At times, you don’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes when you’re in them because of their lightweight. They have the best cushioning any top comfort shoe should have, and if you had a bad day or experienced sore feet at any time, they will offer fast relief within no time.

With a pair of these, you will never have to strain as you take your walks, and you won’t experience unnecessary sores or blisters. Also, they are anti-slip, easy to clean, and dry up quickly, so you can still wear them after your shower. They are also perfect for the outdoors to offer the comfort you need if you’re traveling for long or also when taking walks in your neighborhood. These slides are good value for money, and they will keep your feet “happy” for a very long time.

Pillow Slippers for Men and Women Cloud House Shoes Massage Shower Sandals Quick Dry Open Toe Slipper with Non-Slip Sole for Indoor&Outdoor-PINK38 1

4. KUBUA Unisex Slippers

The KUBUA slippers are another set of shoes that are made of cotton, cloth, and velvet. They are one of a kind since they are foldable and can be easily changed into indoor slippers if you want them to, and you can switch them up anew into a complete shoe to enjoy the outdoors. The interior lining is coated with soft microfiber and rubber cushioning, giving lasting comfort and warmth and getting rid of muscle fatigue after a long workday.

You can also wear them for walks, hiking, camping or a road trip. However, these shoes lack breathability, and thus they are not the best during the hot days, but they sure are perfect for the cold season.

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KUBUA Mens Slippers Warm Winter Flats Shoes for Womens Indoor House Slip on with Cotton Outdoor

5. Acorn Unisex Slipper Sock

Even in the cold, at times, all you want is to be in your socks and keep your legs warm as well. Well, if this is your style, then this unique 3 in 1 boot, sock, and slipper will come through for you. Not only will the sock shield you from the cold, but also its sole is made from memory foam material that offers the perfect cushioning for your feet. The memory foam automatically shapes up to the shape of your feet, which makes them so comfortable.

You can also wear them outdoors, like on camping weekends, to keep you warm and comfortable. If you need to wear them for a long time, avoid regular hand washing and instead, put them in the washing machine, run with cold water and air dry them.

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Acorn womens Slouch Boot slippers, Buff Popcorn, 9.5-10.5 US

Most people only focus on their clothing and forget that shoes are also necessary to complement their whole look. If you’re always wearing uncomfortable shoes, sooner or later, the pain will catch up with you, and you may miss out on trying on some of the best shoes that you have always desired if you don’t take proper care of your feet. Whether indoors or outdoors, wear the right shoes that take care of your feet.

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