10 Best Winter Boots for Women

Winter is not an excuse for not being elegant. Various fashion collections of the winter season offer you numerous ways of how to remain stylish wearing ordinary winter boots. There is only one rule to follow, when choosing an ideal pair of winter shoes: they have to be showy, but at the same time match your own style and wardrobe. There are no strict frames for women’s winter boots this season, but there are some leading tendencies in global women’s fashion. Feminity and exclusivity have to be on top of your priorities. Thus, here we have selected ten best variants on how to reach this:

1. Street style

You do not need to sacrifice the comfort to stay on trend today, as street style flat boots are still popular amidst women all over the world. This stylish footwear with massive soles is the perfect match if you prefer convenience to glamour. Moreover, if you combine them with the light feminine dresses, you may easily blow someone’s mind.

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2. Jokey style

It is almost a pure classics; this elegant model will match anyone anytime. Mostly, this wide, knee-high footwear has round toe and comfortable soles. Nevertheless, if you treat them to be quite an ordinary model, you can always select the one made of exclusive luxury genuine or wash-leather, which adds them an extra charm.

3. Lace knee high boots

This model has got much hype recently. Although, lacing here is just a decorative element, they are a great stylization of the footwear, which was popular amidst ladies about hundred years ago. Moreover, they are not vintage, but rather a new version of the old classics, very popular today amidst the youth in various outfits.

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4. Jackboots

This is a very extravaganza model for those, who like to stand out the crowd. You are really taking on the standards if you choose these cute boots. What is more, this year many designers suggest wearing them with a long oversized sweater or dress to be treated as a fashion queen.

5. High-heel boots

If you amidst women, who prefer high-heels all year round, then do not stop wearing them this winter as well. As Marilyn Monroe once said, “I do not know, who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” Thus, the higher heels you wear, the better.

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6. Wedged boots

If you wish to be a bit higher, but high heels are not comfy enough for you, then wedged ones are what you are looking for. They are super comfortable but, on the other hand, can really empower you, as they are really between glamorous and common shoes.

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7. Kitten heel boots

This year many designers offer kitten heel footwear with unusual heels; it can be covered with glitter, or be square or brick form; the more unusual it is, the better for you. Thus, if you wish to be into edgy, this will really work for you.

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8. Uggs

Warm ugg boots, created and designed by the same named company, are on trend for years and years. There are various models available on the market, starting from the knitted and fur-trimmed ones to waterproof models made of genuine leather.

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9. Short or ankle boots

It is very difficult to find boots that will work with all your outfits. Nevertheless, I think this one is exactly what you need now. This model will be your go-to if you wear pants or jeans constantly as well as dresses and skirts. You can see them in various catwalks and fashion shows, thus it can be a perfect investment if you need a new pair of boots this winter.

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10. Moon boots

Do you know that this model has only several sizes, thus they can be adjustable? These boots are very lightweight, water-resistant and can warm you up even in -35 ° C. Therefore, if you are a cold-sensitive person, this will be a great deal for you.

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I hope my popular top ten boots examples will come in handy when you decide to upgrade your wardrobe this winter. Just remember that you do not need to follow trends to be stylish, thus enjoy your life and buy things that reflect your inner light.

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