Top 3 Components of a Feminine and Stylish Wardrobe

Feminine and Stylish Wardrobe
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Femininity is not given at birth, it must be learned. This includes behavior, and feelings, and movements, and, of course, the style of clothing. Many years ago, the clothes of men and women were completely different, but now the world has been captured by “unisex”, sometimes it’s not even clear whether you see a boy or a girl, and you can’t always tell by behavior. That is why it is time to remember what femininity is.

It has always been and will always be based on romantic style and vintage. Clothing in this style should emphasize the silhouette and emphasize the bust and waist. Clothing models often contain floral patterns, cute patterns with butterflies, bows and other things, as well as polka dot fabrics and beautiful graphic prints. Certain types of fabrics are used, for example, satin, silk, chiffon, lace. More femininity is added by outfits of ethnic style, in other words, keeping the zest of the East in their items.

As you know, the most suitable for girls are red, as well as pink shades. It is they who give femininity, even to an adult woman. You can also use pastel and delicate colors. When it comes to evening wear, black is the ideal feminine color. In order to properly beat the black color in clothes, it must be used correctly in garments and fabrics.

There are also certain feminine styles. The smoothness of the transition of lines, “tenderness” is important here, for this the clothes contain such elements as round collars, ruffles, bows, fluffy skirts, circle ribbons and much more.

There are those who need and do not need feminine outfits. There are women who have a masculine type of figure (when the hips are narrow and the shoulders, on the contrary, are wide), women who are too thin, who have a thin face and a short haircut, so feminine style is a must for them. Fluffy skirts compensate for wide shoulders, raglan sleeves hide angularity, and bows and frills can increase the bust.

But for those ladies who have the right silhouette and, so to speak, “appetizing shapes”, a rounded face and voluminous long hair, one should not overemphasize their femininity. It will be “sweet”, which means it will be bad. Such women can choose things in a simple business style, military style, ethnic style.

Now about the need for non-feminine styles.

1. Business Classic

Classic and strict suits in this style are designed so that there is no separation between women and men in the work area. That is why models of business suits for women are very similar to men’s – a pronounced angle of the shoulders in jackets, straight trousers, neutral and dark colors. Suits of this style are suitable only for truly feminine ladies.

2. Military, Gothic, Rock

Among young people, these styles are quite popular, because with their help you can express yourself, challenge society, show your defiance. These styles use gloomy colors, defiantly aggressive paraphernalia and jewelry, spikes, heavy platform shoes, and masculine style items. In fact, these styles have no connection with femininity, in this case they suppress it. And they are suitable only for young people, and for adults this fashion trend will look rather ridiculous than spectacular.

Components of the Female Image

1. Wardrobe Color

As for the color palette of the wardrobe, you should not get carried away with overly gloomy and dark shades. Experiment and get pastel-colored clothes – this will add tenderness to your image. Bold natures can complement their wardrobe with a linen-style dress – with a skillful selection of the image, you will look very feminine. Also note the floral print. Ethnic patterns on fabric are also very popular. Avoid patterns with clear, wide lines and geometric prints – although they look stylish, they are not always feminine.

2. Shoes

From shoes, you should pay attention to models on a wide platform, sandals with decorative elements, sandals with a strap around the ankle, clogs. If you want to look feminine, avoid overly athletic shoes and models that look like them, such as sneakers, moccasins, loafers, sneakers or slip-ons.

They are undoubtedly very comfortable and practical, but for a romantic and feminine look, it is better to choose sandals or fashionable and no less practical sandals. If you don’t like shoes with heels, ballerinas are also a good shoe option. However, do not forget about the graceful womens knee high boots, which are an integral part of a feminine wardrobe and are great for spring and autumn outfits.

3. Accessories

Do not use bulky or massive bags. Accessories for feminine style will be a small bag on a chain or a long strap. A red bag looks beautiful and feminine, it gives elegance and festivity to your image. It is these small and even slightly inconvenient for everyday use clutches and crossbody bags that give the very atmosphere of femininity and lightness. You will also need elegant jewelry, sunglasses (frame “cats”, “drops”, the classic shape of the frame), jewelry using natural semi-precious stones (turquoise, rose quartz, zircon, cat’s eye, etc.), silver jewelry ( earrings, chains, pendants).

Be sure to add jewelry or jewelry to your look, for example, silver jewelry – this will emphasize your elegance, and therefore femininity. Of course, you need to know the measure in everything, but even a casual outfit, complemented by a thin chain and a ring with a small stone, will already add some charm to your appearance.


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