More than 70 million people attend Major League Baseball games every year.

Whether you’re rooting on a pro team or bringing snacks to the Little League kickoff, you want to come prepared.

What to Wear to a Baseball Game: The Best Shoes for Game Day

You’re going to spend hours in the stands, and you want to look comfortable. You also want to be as fashion-forward as possible. That can make finding the right shoes a challenge.

Unsure what to wear to a baseball game? Today, we’re sharing three ways to style your feet so you look cute without racking up some painful bunions in the process.

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1. Trusty Sneakers

While “Dad Shoes” might still be a trend in 2019, you don’t have to raid your pop’s closet to pull this look off.

Simply find your favorite sneakers and you’re good to go! From modern all-white versions to a pair of retro Converse All-Stars, anything goes. This laidback look is best paired with distressed denim, a ball cap and a t-shirt with your favorite team’s emblem!

You can also customize this look by swapping your plain laces for a pair in your team’s colors! This is an inexpensive way to add a little spirit to your ensemble without going full-on foam finger mode.

2. Closed-Toe Flats

Wondering what to wear to a baseball game in the summer? Even if it’s sweltering outside, resist the urge to break out the sandals.


In short, they’re safer when you have fly balls soaring. They also keep sunflower seeds and peanut shells from slipping in between your toes!

Though you aren’t showcasing your pedicure, you can still have fun with this look.

Find a pointy pair to add instant sophistication or a bejeweled set for a fun touch of glam. The latter would look especially chic alongside a few strands of softball necklaces around your neck!

3. Low-Heeled Boots

Though you’ll be sitting for a majority of the game, you still have to make the trek from the parking lot to the bleachers and back again. Plus, don’t forget that concession stand raid in the seventh-inning stretch!

In some cases, this can mean walking through rocky parking lots, fields or along the road. This is where a great pair of sturdy boots can come in handy.

Keep the thigh-high stiletto versions at home, along with your favorite peep-toe ones. For maximum functionality, a closed, low-heeled style works best here so you don’t tumble into home plate.

What to Wear to a Baseball Game, Solved!

Now that you know what to wear to a baseball game, are you ready to buy season tickets? When you feel great in your outfit, you’ve already won.

Until then, there’s still plenty of time to get your footwear game on point as spring training ramps up.

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