Footwear Fashion: 6 Shoe Styles for the New Year

Footwear Fashion: 6 Shoe Styles for the New Year
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Unless you went shopping already this year, you’ve got a wardrobe that dates back to 2016 or earlier. The quickest, easiest way to update your closet for the new year is to load up on the trendiest footwear fashions. Here’s a list of 6 trendy shoes styles you should check out:

1. Easygoing White Sneakers

Bright white tennis shoes have been passé for years now, except for times when you were actually heading to the tennis courts with your racket in hand. In the recent past, it has been trendier to choose colorful athletic footwear. In 2017, the white sneaker is making a comeback. Brands such as Lacoste, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Band of Outsiders are leading the way with the trendiest offerings.

2. Clunky, Punky Platform Shoes

Look for punk inspired platforms in either plain black leather or decorated with metal studs, animal prints or weird graphics this year.

3. Slingbacks with Ankle Straps, Slim Heels and Pointy Toes

Sexy slingback heels are a top trend for dressy shoes in 2017. Look for a wide range of fabrications that will coordinate with everything from formal attire to casual wear. Shiny patent leather slingbacks are one possible choice to consider when accessorizing prom dresses, little black cocktail dresses or bridesmaid’s dresses. Go with a less dramatic fabrication such as linen cloth, matte leather or suede if you’re accessorizing a romper, sundress or pantsuit.

4. Low Boots with Flat or Chunky Heels

If you’re accessorizing jeans, pants, khakis or pantsuits, consider pairing them with low boots. We’re seeing several different takes on this trend. Fashion trends tend to cycle every 20-30 years or so — and right on schedule, some of the heels we’re seeing on boots now are reminiscent of styles that were trendy in previous decades.

Some of the latest low boots are flats in niche styles like the Victorian booties that were popular in the 1980s. Others have substantially chunky heels and are reminiscent of footwear styles that were popular in the mid to late 1990s.

5. Combat Boots

If you’ve jumped on the latest fashion trend bandwagons that include bomber jackets, camo prints and other military-inspired casual wear, you’ll need footwear that complements those looks. Combat boots are a top choice for accessorizing these sorts of wardrobe choices.

6. Slip-On Mules

If you’re in need of one new pair of shoes for accessorizing all your casual wear, mules are a good choice. They pair well with nearly everything: jeans, shorts, sundresses, khakis and rompers.

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