How To Choose Best Socks For Your Footwear

How To Choose Best Socks For Your Footwear
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Choosing the right socks for your footwear is about more than how you look. Your shoes bear the brunt of every step you take. Combine that with the sweat from your feet, and it’s no wonder why shoes deteriorate over time. Believe it or not, choosing the right socks can help extend the lifespan of your footwear.

When choosing footwear, there are four main areas of consideration. Here’s how you can choose the best socks.

Think of the Purpose

Think about why you’re wearing the footwear you’ve chosen, and how your socks can support that— and you. If you’re an athlete, you’ll want socks that protect your feet and incorporate moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet (and shoes) dry. Socks from Elite Sports Socks even offer a bit of compression to protect your skin and muscles while you’re being active.

Conversely, if you’ll be wearing dress shoes, you want something that works with your outfit while offering a snug fit that reduces the chances of developing blisters. Many dress shoes for men lack proper arch support. Choosing socks that provide compression around the arches can help offset the effect of wearing flat shoes all day. While men might want a colorful sock that extends to the calf to go with their dress pants, women often want a smaller, hidden sock to fit inside ballet flats or heels.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Thinking about a typical day in your life will help you decide which socks to wear. If you’re someone who spends most of your time in sneakers, the sheer quality of dress socks is a bad option. Instead, choosing an athletic sock that provides padding in the heel will help you keep moving. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, having a natural fabric like merino wool can help keep your feet dry and safe.

Chances are, you’ll have a few footwear changes in the run of the day. Identify which types of footwear you tend to wear during the week and plan accordingly. You’ll want to have an alternative pair of socks on hand for those transitions from work to the gym to your social life.

What’s the Style?

Socks are a fun way to incorporate some personal flair into your look or change the style of an outfit. For example, adding bright, colorful socks underneath a monochrome suit has become a fun trend in men’s fashion. Wearing custom, unique socks over leggings at the gym is a great way to showcase some personality.

Think of how different socks can accessorize your footwear, and be open to trying some different looks. As the athleisure trend continues to grow, you’re more likely to see socks and sneakers paired with skirts and dresses. Don’t hesitate to push the boundaries and be a trendsetter.

Comfort Always Matters

When it comes to footwear, comfort matters. While it’s hard to imagine six-inch stilettos being comfortable for anyone, everyone has their unique threshold. In other words, while you’re pushing yourself outside of your fashion comfort zone, don’t push yourself outside of your physical comfort zone.

Choose socks that offer the comfort and support you need to get through the day in your chosen footwear. If that means you forgo the colorful trends for something plainer and unassuming, embrace it. If some fabrics rub you the wrong way, swap them out for something you like.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking in the now. Your socks might be comfortable while you wear them, but the blisters you sustain after-the-fact might not be worth the short-term comfort. Choose socks that will get you through all walks of life, no matter what footwear you choose.

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