Sock Suggestions: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Feet Toasty This Winter

Keeping Your Feet Toasty
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When wintertime comes, you may feel frustrated with having chilly feet day after day. Your feet are a part of your body that suffers most from circulation problems. That not only creates discomfort, but can make conditions like diabetes or obesity even worse. Keeping feet warm and comfortable in the coldest months is important. Here are some tips that will help.

1. Keep Feet Dry

The most important way to keep feet warm is to keep them dry. If you come in from outside with ice and snow in your boots or shoes, the first thing you should do is take off your wet footwear, dry your feet, and put on clean, fresh socks. After a shower or bath, have a warm towel ready and be sure to dry your feet thoroughly. Try to avoid walking across cold tile floors if your feet are still wet. If you’re doing strenuous activity of any kind, indoors or out, wear breathable footwear so your socks don’t become soaked with sweat.

2. Experiment With Socks

The type of sock you use can make a big difference. Thick, heavy socks in tight shoes can actually restrict circulation so you aren’t getting the proper warmth. Light socks with heavy footwear may leave airflow that chills your feet in cold weather. The material of the sock is also important. Cotton tends to retain moisture, so well that it will never dry inside your boot. Wool, on the other hand, both absorbs and retains moisture to give the best insulation. Merino wool is most effective, but new synthetic smart wools can work just as well.

3. Try a Sock Subscription

A sock subscription box is sort of a sock-of-the-month club, there are lots of fun ones to choose from on Subscription box website Cratejoy. Choose from a range of options including serious work socks, mismatched, silly sockss and more! When you sign up, you’ll receive a steady supply of new socks that you select in advance. Most subscription plans will provide a variety of socks for both men and women, often in wild designs that make them fun to wear. You should always have an extra pair of socks with you in harsh weather, in any case. Making smart but striking choices will not only keep your feet toasty this winter, but provide a sense of fun that makes the cold weather more bearable.

4. Indulge Your Feet

If you’re going to be sitting still in front of the TV or computer for some time, your feet may lose circulation and get chilled. Treat yourself to some additional warmth. Wrapping your feet in a towel that’s been warmed by a hair dryer or a few minutes in the clothes dryer will help. You could also indulge in a foot bath by filling a bucket or foot tub with warm water and your choice of oils, salts, bubble baths, etc. You might use a heating pad for short periods, but turning it up too high or using it too long can leave blisters on the skin.

5. Move Around

It’s important to keep active to maintain proper circulation. When the temperatures drop, get up and move around more. It doesn’t matter what you do. Try an exercise bike, a stair stepper, marching in place, walking, dancing, or anything that gets the blood flowing. Don’t think in terms of a workout, just of increasing blood flow for a minute or two, and every couple of hours at the least. When you wake up in the morning, take a minute to limber up the feet by working your toes and making circles with your foot from the ankle.

The best way to keep feet warm is to wear the right footwear for whatever the weather conditions are outside. When you’re indoors and feeling frosty toes, warm yourself up and reach for a great pair of clean socks.

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