Do Balenciaga Shoes Run Small?

Balenciaga Shoes
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Balenciaga is a fashion brand that specializes in luxurious and innovative clothes and footwear designs. It was founded over a century ago by a Spanish Designer named Cristobal Balenciaga. When Demna Gvasalia joined Balenciaga, he introduced utilitarian-inspired streetwear shoes, which have become a must-have for people in fashion circles.

Balenciaga has a complete online shop that’s very minimalist and offers a wide range of their shoes. Their shoes are designed to be stylish and comfortable, and there are different models of high-quality sneakers that you can choose from.

Popular/Trending Styles and Colors

If you can’t decide on which pair of Balenciaga sneakers to get, here are some of the trending ones for your consideration. They include the Triple S Chunky Sneakers, Purple Track 2.0 Sneakers, Speed Pull-on Sneakers, Black X-Pander Sneakers, and Speed 2.0 LT Sneakers.

Balenciaga Shoes


Balenciaga shoes are unlike many on the market. When looking for the perfect size, you should be attentive to ensure you don’t end up with an oversized pair.

Do Balenciaga Shoes Run Small?

No. Balenciaga shoes are designed for comfort and luxury and are highly spacious. Some of the designs are so large that it’s advisable to go a size lower when purchasing one.

How Do Balenciaga Shoes Fit?

Make sure that you take your foot measurements in the afternoon when your feet are relaxed in order to get the proper measurements. Do it standing so that all your body pressure is resting on your feet, as would be the case when you’re wearing shoes. 

To be precise, wear socks and make sure you measure both feet. You can even go a step further and stand on a piece of paper and draw your feet. Then measure the drawing for length and width. Use the information you get to find your Balenciaga shoe size on the conversion charts.

Balenciaga Shoes


Though some people don’t appreciate the creative designs behind Balenciaga shoes, they are pretty popular in fashion circles. Customers rave about the comfort of walking in them and their durability.

How to Clean Balenciaga Shoes

A great way of keeping your Balenciaga sneakers looking fresh is by cleaning them properly. If your sneakers get any stains, it would be wise for you to remove them quickly before they set in permanently.

You can use several ways to clean your Balenciaga shoes, depending on their material. Most Balenciaga shoes are made from leather sourced from Italy, among other places.

When cleaning your leather Balenciaga shoes, you can use professional leather cleaning milk, diluted hair shampoo, white vinegar, or diluted bleach. Toothbrushes are suitable for cleaning the shoes; don’t do it too hard.

Using your toothbrush and a cleaning solution, gently rub off any stains on your shoes. You can use a damp cloth to clean the shoe after allowing the solution to sit for a few minutes. It would help if you left your sneakers to air dry before putting them on again.

Finally, it would be best if you cleaned the insoles of your shoes. Cleaning insoles are very important, mainly due to the many sweat glands found on the feet. If you wear your Balenciaga shoes with socks, you can air-dry your insoles after wearing them. However, once in a while, you need to do a deep cleaning using vinegar mixed with water.

Vinegar will help you eliminate all odor and bacteria. If the smell is powerful, you can let them soak for several hours, then add some baking powder and let them stew overnight.

You could also use a washing machine to clean your Balenciaga shoes, but there are chances of them being damaged.

Balenciaga Shoes

Where to Buy Balenciaga Shoes

There are eight exclusive Balenciaga boutiques located all across the US. These would be great places to pick up your shoes or order from due to the guaranteed quality. However, you can also order your Balenciaga sneakers online.

Some of the online stores that you can shop in include the official Balenciaga website, Nordstrom.com, Net-a-poter.com, Stockx.com, and Goat.com, among many others.

There are a couple of things that you should look into to ensure that your online shopping experience is nothing short of satisfactory. These include figuring out your correct size. Balenciaga shoes don’t run small; they tend to be roomy.

You also need to know how to differentiate an authentic pair of Balenciaga sneakers from a fake one. This will help ensure that you don’t spend your money on an expensive knockoff.

Where to Buy Dupes

Balenciaga shoes are expensive and popular, making them an excellent target for knockoffs. These knockoffs come in similar designs to the originals but at low prices. If you’re shopping for Balenciaga kicks for the first time, there are several things that you can use to tell real from fake.

How to Tell if Balenciaga Shoes Are Fake

First, you should inspect the 3M glow reflective parts of tour Balenciaga shoes. An authentic pair of Balenciaga sneakers has bright reflective features, while the dupes are less shiny. The results are the same whichever angle your check your shoes from.

Secondly, you verify the stitching on the Balenciaga shoes you’re considering purchasing. The replica Balenciaga shoes will have stitching that isn’t very visible. On the other hand, authentic Balenciaga sneakers have visible stitching. These stitches are a big part of authenticating your Balenciaga sneakers.

Another thing you can look at is the shoe soles. When you flip over the Balenciaga sneakers, look at the sole text. The “C” on the dupes is too stretched out, while the one on the legit sneakers is less wide. Also, the letter “E” appears too thin on the fake Balenciaga shoes, but it’s thicker on the original ones.

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