A Look Into What Shoes Should Women Have In Their Long Distance Suitcase

What Shoes Should Women Have In Their Long Distance Suitcase
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Shoes are hardly one of the weirdest things people have wanted to bring on a plane, but they’re still worth talking about. For women without a huge diamond budget, shoes have the potential to be a girl’s best friend.

If you’re flying long distance, how on earth do you pack every shoe you want to? Which shoes should you bring? Which should you leave behind? Let’s find out what shoes women should have in their long distance suitcase:

Location, Location, Location

No matter how much you love stilettos, you are going to find it difficult to walk in them if you’re staying in a log cabin deep in a forest. Location is the number one thing that determines what shoes women should pack when they’re traveling to far-flung places.

The shoes you wear on the plane is one thing, but what do you pack when you’re taking a vacation in a place that has an entirely different climate?

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a necessity for any woman going on a sunny beach holiday. Beaches and flip flops go together like wine and cheese. There are no other kind of shoes that will be more practical for the beach.

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You take off your shoes to dip your feet in the water, and the sand sticks to them. Trying to dust off wet sand with a towel can be really irritating to the skin, so you’re better off wearing your flip flops right until you meet the ocean, take them off and carry them, and then you can use the ocean water itself to remove the sand before slipping your flip flops back on.


It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday or business trip you’re going on, you’re going to need some sort of comfortable flat shoes that are suitable for walking around in. Actually, when you’re flying long distance, breathable flats are perfect for the plane journey itself so your feet are kept comfortable at the high altitudes.

When you arrive at your destination, your flats will be perfect for any time you’re leaving the hotel. The great thing about flat shoes since the ballet pump trend is that flats no longer have to be ugly brown loafers.

You can get a wide range of designs and styles in flats: from sparkles to polka dots. Thus, you can be comfortable and still look stylish after your long distance flight.

Evening Shoes

Evening shoes are another type of shoe that are going to come in handy pretty much anywhere you go. The one exception might be a camping trip, but even then you might decide to go to a nice restaurant one night after eating pork and beans all week.

Evening shoes are perfect for a woman’s long distance suitcase because there are going to be plenty of occasions to wear them. You might go out clubbing, you might be on a business trip and need a relaxing evening in a wine bar, or you might discover local events which require a more formal look.

That’s the great thing about holidays: you never know what to expect. Therefore, you should always be prepared for the unexpected!

Hiking or Activity Shoes

If you’re an active outdoorswoman, or even someone who just enjoys breathtaking scenery, you should definitely consider packing some specialty shoes for different activities. You might already have an itinerary planned out, so you’ll know exactly what you do or don’t need.

Still, you might spontaneously decide to take a walk up the nearest hill or mountain, or even a stroll through the village with cobbled streets. Flats are good for walking through general urban areas, but if you’re in a more rural place your shoes might require more grip or special features.

The best thing to do is to research the area you’re traveling to thoroughly before you go so that you’re an expert on the landscape.


Slippers might not technically be shoes, but we’re going to treat them as such because they’re an absolute must for relaxing while on holiday. Sometimes hotel rooms can feel a bit cold and minimalist with the cookie-cutter décor and guest features.

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Pack a pair of your comfiest slippers in your long distance suitcase and you’ll be surprised how at home you feel during those times you’re just lounging around the hotel room.

If you really want to indulge in super comfort, you should try to make room for your favorite lounging clothes and dressing gown too!

Wrap Up

Every woman is different, and we all have our own tastes and style. However, there are some staple shoe types that are practical options for packing in your suitcase for a long distance journey. After considering these shoes, you’ll have no trouble trying to refine your extensive ‘shoes-to-bring’ list!

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