What Is a Mule Shoe?

What Is a Mule Shoe
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Are you aware that Marilyn Monroe preferred mule shoes over other footwear styles? However, there’s more to it than you might think. They’re formal sandals with heels that are stylish and comfy to wear.

Below are a few reasons why mule shoes are so famous and popular. This centuries-old design never lost its flair and remained a firm favorite.

To provide context, we’ll touch upon their creation, how foreign countries named them, their aesthetics, etc. In that manner, we’ll also provide tips as to how to include them in any setup.

History of Mules

Mules shoes are popular because of their sleek look and comfy fit. They have been around since antiquity. However, they’re currently trending as well, with many celebrities including them in their wardrobes.

The word mule dates back to Ancient Rome when the term referred to a backless slipper. It wasn’t until the 16th century that this Latin word came to describe a flat, low-heeled shoe worn in place of standard pumps or oxfords. Mules are still popular today, and you can find them in virtually every facet of fashion, from weddings to cocktail parties. However, early versions were strictly reserved for use as bedroom slippers.

French ladies wearing ball gowns under mules was a fashionable trend in the 17th century. Initially, people wore them only on certain occasions, but later, they became popular year-round. Their fame increased due to a painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard, which showed a woman removing her mules while gazing at and admiring a man in The Swing. That scene highlights the shoes’ stylish frame, elevating them above the contemporary fashion trend.

In the 90s, fashion reignited old trends, an example being mules. Carrie Bradshaw popularized this trend as she strutted down the busy streets of New York in her trendy clothes and shoes, an iconic moment many women wanted to replicate.

As such, mule shoes altered in and out of the spotlight in the past millennia but never faded into obscurity. In short, it’s a design that never feels out of place in both casual and formal affairs.

LifeStride Women's, Pasadena Mule Whiskey 9 M
LifeStride Women’s, Pasadena Mule Whiskey

Advantages of Wearing Mule Shoes

Known for their comfort-oriented design, mules are a decent choice for many types of professions. Plus, their smart design shields you from fatigue even after a prolonged period spent on your feet.

Mules are shoes without backs. While the lack of material may seem uncomfortable at first, they relieve pain caused by corns and bunions on the heels and Achilles tendinitis. Thus, they offer comfort to people with arthritis because they do not rub or irritate ligaments near the heel while walking as other shoes would.

As such, they possess rare orthopedic qualities as well. Hence, whenever you feel like you might’ve been putting too much strain on your feet, switching to this design is a good idea.

The Drop Women's Paulina Pointed Toe Two-Tone Mule, Natural/Black, 8
The Drop Women’s Paulina Pointed Toe Two-Tone Mule

How to Wear a Mule Shoe

These trendy shoes come in many different styles, from completely open-toed to fully closed-toe and everything in between. As a result, you’re never short of options as to what to combine them with. Similarly, depending on the climate in your country, you can find a use for mules in all four seasons. In short, they are very compatible, and you can even wear them barefoot.

However, they shine in more classy setups. Their elegant frame allows for many tasteful setups fitting for a wide range of gatherings. For example, you can make your style statement by pairing mules with flared jeans. Also, you can wear them with classic pencil skirts for an office-appropriate look. For a more Parisian look, find yourself cropped pants or slacks for them to peek out from. Such a setup is fitting for pleasant evening gatherings with your family and friends, too.

In that way, mules provide a lot of leeway regarding the rest of your clothing. Due to their minimalist frame, they don’t divert too much attention but do add style. It’s a timeless design that offers a good fit while supporting your heels. Plus, their slick outlines make them fitting even for business meetings.

Cole Haan womens Piper Mule, Black Leather, 8.5 US
Cole Haan womens Piper Mule

Final Thoughts

Mule shoes are a stylish choice that also offers comfort and stability. Nowadays, you can find a plethora of models made by some of the industry leaders. They differ from the shade of the coloring to slight variations in the frame. However, they are all great choices for walking or as a part of more formal wear. Their smart design is not just for show, as they offer reliable support and promote an active lifestyle. On that note, mule shoes are a proper choice if you’re suffering from recurring heel pain or similar issues.

MIA Women's Abba Mule, Black, 7 M US
MIA Women’s Abba Mule
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