5 Styling Ideas for Wearing Mules Shoes

Wearing Mules
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In the years of the fast-paced life that we live, we have to find the little joys. What better everyday happiness can be better than a pair of comfortable shoes to wear? Thinking of this, we have turned to the popular daily look of jeans, t-shirts, and trainers. However, summer is the time for trendy fashion changes and innovations. Ladies are now discovering the newest chic in women’s style– the mules shoes.

What Are Mules Shoes?

Mules shoes are the newest designers’ obsession. Mules shoes look very similar to a pair of slides. They are slip-on shoes as well, but they are not open-toed. Slides are considered as more of a daily pick, whereas the mules shoes can be a good choice for more formal daily looks as their design varies a lot. You can pick the cute flat leather option for your casual activities, or you can trust the heels and platforms versions of mules shoes for a more casual styling.

5 Stylish Ideas on How to Wear Mules Shoes

What is best about mules shoes is that they can exist in different stylings and still look like a fashionable choice. They do come in different colors. The most popular ones are black, brown, red and white. However, as the pastel trend is still on the scene, we can find many pairs of mules shoes on the market in the light blue, pink, and dirty white variations.

1. Classic Styler

What we have to understand is that comfort does not necessarily come in the combination of sweatpants, a t-shirt, and trainers or flip-flops. Of course, these are the ideal comfortable outfit for a weekend at home, laying on the sofa and enjoying movies. There is no doubt that this type of clothes is not going anywhere and we are still going to wear them.

However, we can have decent levels of comfort with mules shoes. They are easy-going and easy to combine with other clothes. We can even create a really classy outfit that is both suitable for your everyday activities and a more formal ambiance. All you need is a pair of straight long pants, a shirt or any top that can bring the focus on your waist, and a pair of mules shoes.

For this styling decision, we recommend more pastel and light colors. On the other hand, it is nice to have some contrast in a chic look. This is why the pair of mules shoes can be lovely in the black color with leather texture. Combined with a good bag and a creamy vest, jacket, or trench coat this makes the perfect classy fit.

2. Skinny Jeans

What makes mules shoes a hard pick for some people is the fact that their back is open. This makes people feel like a styling can go from nice to too casual as if you have headed to the beach. However, this is where the change of perception works well. The lack of texture of the back of the shoe is not only for your comfort but to bring the focus to your ankles.

If you accentuate that thought, you will surely love the mules shoes. To bring the focus on the ankles even harder, you can go for a pair of skinny jeans. This combination of white or creamy shoes, light skinny jeans, and a t-shirt creates a daily look that will make you ready for all the challenges in a typical day of a woman. Jackets can be a great addition to a fall look especially if you have a leather item. On the other hand, if you want to add a little spice to this daily outfit, instead of a leather jacket, you may choose one with fur for a bit more extravagant look.

3. Medium Length Skirt

When it comes to styling an outfit for the autumn season, mules shoes go quite well with a skirt. Just as expected, we are not talking about those little party skirts, but a midi-length one. It is a fantastic pick and for the colder days, a pair of tights is a great addition to your outfit. They will make the look a bit more old-school, but this is fantastic as this is one of the newest trends in the chic world.

For a warmer feeling and coziness, you can add a big oversized coat and a scarf to keep yourself safe from the cold. A nice and gentle piece of jewelry and a small abstract bag would finish the look.

4. Vacation Look

If you are going on a vacation to the seaside or to a new location where you would like to take some cool instagramable shots, but you cannot find the perfect outfit for this, then all you need are three pieces from your wardrobe. You need just a pair of cute mules shoes, a jumpsuit and a light piece of jewelry such as small round earrings or a gentle necklace. These make a great casual but still very stylish look that needs the least effort possible.

5. Mules Shoes With Heels

If you are looking to create a more formal outfit or you just want to add a little height to your look, then this variation of the classic mules shoes is for you. They work perfectly in a combination with an oversized long or midi-dress. An addition you can make to finish this style is a regular or short leather jacket. This combo creates a playful and girly look as well as it has formal vibes.

Mules shoes are the best choice for an everyday pair of shoes. They are great for both regular joys such as having brunch with the girls, as well as more formal situations like going to the office on a hot summer day. It is true that mules shoes do seem a bit bold but only until you give them the first try.

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