Tecnica Moon Boots Take you Back to the 80s

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Since when did Moon Boots come back in style?  

Moon boots from the 80s have hit their 50th anniversary and we couldn’t love them anymore! These beloved boots were all the rage in the 80s and they are back and better than ever today. If you’re looking for nostalgic style, you’ve found it in moon boots!



History of Tecnica Moon Boots

Designers took a page out of the astronaut’s antigravity boots worn by the most famous astronauts at the time.

While the originals were made of polyurethane foam, today they are constructed much better with waterproof nylon and even fancy features such as faux leather or faux fur.

Moon Boots 80’s Trend

If you were alive in the 80s, you likely remember the rainbow moon boots that were so popular. They brought together to idealistic styles – the color of the rainbow and moon boots. They brought color to every outfit and were a statement piece that everyone talked about no matter where you went.


How to Style Moon Boots

If you’re ready to bring back the moon boots from the 80s, there are many ways to wear them. They go great with leggings as they slip right over your leggings and add a bit of ‘chunkiness’ to your outfit in a good way, of course.

They are also great with skirts and dresses for a bit of a statement and nostalgic look from the 80s. Whether you get yourself a pair of white, pink, or black moon boots, there are many uses for them – and you can always create your own style too!



Are Moon Boots Good for the Snow?

If you are a snowbird, you must have a pair of moon boots in your wardrobe! They are great for the snow and especially for skiing. White moon boots with your ski apparel promises to make you look like the cutest snow bunny on the hill!

Where to Buy Moon Boots

If you’re ready to jump on the moon boots trend and buy yourself a pair of pink, white, or black moon boots, here’s where you must shop.


  • Zappos has a great selection of Technica moon boots in all colors including pink moon boots, which many ladies love!


  •  is another great place to get your hands on the latest moon boots from the 80s trends. They too offer them in every color, but they are selling fast, so act quickly.


  • Looking for rare color moon boots like rose gold shimmer?  Or a tall shearling style, bringing the perfect cross of a moon boot and UGG? Bloomingdales is the place to shop the unusual but still on trend styles. 



  • If white moon boots are what you’re after, Farfetch has just what you want. They have limited sizes, though, so act fast.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the moon boots from the 80s trend pass you by! Moon boots are selling out everywhere fast. If you want pink, white, or black moon boots, get your pair quickly.

The models are wearing them on the runway, celebs love them including Paris Hilton who  spotted wearing pink Tecnica Moon Boots  (available from Zappos.com)  recently  at the Sundance Film Festival, and they are catching on quickly with women everywhere.


Grab your pair and show off your love for 80’s fashion today!

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  2. Its been 30 years since I had my last pair but Moon Boots are back! I remember going on some serious lunar landing expeditions in my parents back yard with phasers set on STUN. Moon boots were the bomb then and they are bomb now! Now if only I can find a silver NASA jacket like the one I had when I was 7 years old.

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