Press Release Submissions

Have some “shoe news” you’d like to share with the shoe addicted members of Shoeaholics Anonymous?

Self-Serve Submission to Site (Free) – Register and “Write a Post” including headline and summary.   Include link to entire press release either on website or press release site (i.e. PRWeb). Post will be reviewed and need to be approved by staff before publication upon availability.

Sponsored Post Opportunity (Priority) – We will write a dedicated blog post about your press release which is distributed via RSS and Social Networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Pay via PayPal (if we choose to not accept your submission either because of conflict of interest or irrelevant content, we will refund your money).

Please contact us if you prefer to make other arrangements for payment (i.e. merchandise, check, swap of services, etc).

Please do NOT contact us asking for a physical email address to email us your press release, as we do not have the time to read them all.

Thank you!

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