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Essential Boots for Every Girls Closet

Every girl loves her boots, and some women have quite a collection of them. How many pairs of boots does one need to stay stylish and stay within a budget? If choosing the right boots for the right look intimidates you, take a look at the following guide to choosing...

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The 10 Essential Shoe Styles Every Woman Needs to Own

The results of a survey of 2,352 women showed that the average woman owns approximately 20 different pairs of shoes. Where are you at with your shoe collection? Average? Above or below average? If your shoe collection is looking a little sparse, you might want to take...

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4 Types of Shoes to Invest in for Traveling

Picking the right travel shoes can mean the difference between having fun and having pain. The wrong shoes on dirt paths can force you to stop and clear stones away, and the wrong shoes on cobblestones can be downright dangerous. To make sure that you’ve packed...

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How to Afford Designer Shoes When You Have Little Money

Budget getting you down? Forgoing self-care and fashion to pay the bills? Then, you need to know how to afford designer shoes. We all have a hobby or interest that we are willing to pay for. But, sometimes our budgets don't allow it. For people who love designers...

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