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5 Sweet Ways to Wear Monogram Styles in 2019

Monogrammed fashion isn't reserved just for designer goods, luxury items, and runways. In fact, everyone with a well-defined fashion sense needs at least one monogrammed piece of clothing or accessory. Putting your initials or name on your clothes is a great way to...

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How Should Sandals Fit: A Comprehensive Size Guide

Although trends come and go, a great pair of sandals is always in style. Check any list of most popular shoe trends and you won't have to look too hard to find some sandals included.  Finding the right pair of sandals isn't about just looks and what's currently...

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Ultimate UGG Boots Dos and Don’ts

Love comfort and fashion? Can’t go wrong with UGG Australia boots. They are the ultimate in comfort and fashion. Even celebs like Venessa Hudgens, Issa Rae, Rihanna, and Natalie Portman love their UGGS! But you can quickly ruin your boots if you aren’t careful. So...

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The Fit and the Shoes: How to Accessorize Both Perfectly

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, and take one thing off". This popular quote from Coco Chanel has stood the test of time and still rings true today when it comes to fashion. Accessorizing is a learning curve. Too many details can make the outfit tacky,...

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Buy Nike Shoes Now, Pay Later

Want the latest Nike Air Jordans? Or what about new Nike running shoes to get in shape, but your bank account is low? Below is a list of online stores that all offer deferred billing payment plans so you can buy Nike shoes now and pay later for them later by making...

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