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Lady in Blue Suede High Heel Pumps by Swimming Pool

Five Reasons Why Ladies Should Wear Elevator Shoes

Every lady needs a stylish pair of high heels. Even if you favor flats and sneakers, your wardrobe still needs several pairs of women elevator shoes. There are many reasons for buying high heels. They make a lady feel extra confident, draw more attention and get that flattering body when walking downtown. Today, there are […]

Braun high heels ankle boots with fur

Inexpensive Fashion Fur Choices

Fashion is an interesting industry; it is always changing and evolving which can make it hard to keep up with. There was a time when something like fur gilet was a part of fashion, but real fur clothing lost favor in society. Some say it has to do with the creation of synthetic fibers, but […]

UGG Boots

Buy Ugg Boots Now, Pay Later

UGG boots were created by Brian Smith, a surfer that wanted to keep his feet warm between waves. Using Merino grade A sheepskin, the classic surf boot is lightweight. His idea caught on and today Ugg boots are a worldwide phenomenon. But Uggs can also be expensive, therefore we’ve found online stores that sell Ugg […]