The 10 Must-Have Shoes in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

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If you’re more of a Carri Bradshaw than a Miranda, a Samantha, or Charlotte, then you know that you could never have too many shoes. Yet, we’re not all famous journalists like Carrie, so we don’t have the budget to jump on every single new shoe trend.

And, no matter if you do have the budget to own thousands of shoes in your shoe closet just like Celine Dion, you’ll still don’t feel satisfied if you don’t have the essentials when you need them.

What Shoes Should You Always Have?

As tempting as it may be to think that by stockpiling your closet with feathery, sparkly, sky-high heels, and cowboy boots, these are definitely not the essentials every woman should own in her shoe closet.

1. White Sneakers

A pair of classic white sneakers go well with pretty much everything. White sneakers fit well with sports outfits, casual outfits, and also even smart business outfits. Also, you don’t have to worry about matching the colors of your shoes with the colors of your clothes because with goes well with everything.

2. Black Booties

Having a pair of black booties in your shoe wardrobe is a must because it too can be paired with everything. Whether you want to transform a white shirt and jeans outfit into something more formal or have a business-casual outfit for work, a pair of black booties will work perfectly.

Look for a pair of ankle-high in the heel height that you feel most comfortable in.

3. Classic Loafer

Loafers had just come into the fashion scene only a few years ago, but they immediately made us all think about how we ever lived without these comfortable shoes.

Loafers are not just comfortable, but they also make any outfit immediately look more sophisticated and cooler. These loafers are literally a cooler alternative to ballet flats.

If this is the first time you hear about loafers, it means you are a newbie, and you should start with a classic black pair that can go well with any type of outfit or color. If you already have a pair or two of loafers, maybe it’s time to get a pair in a fun color or print to enhance your basics.

4. Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are a must-have in every woman’s closet! They are part of the classics that you simply can’t miss from your shoe closet. They never go out of style. They can easily be paired with anything, from leather leggings to a short skirt. And, what’s more, they are incredibly comfortable while making your outfits look really fancy.

You can choose between a pair in leather or suede, which will ensure that your pair of knee-high boots are timeless enough to be worn year in and year out.

5. Neutral Heels

The last thing you want to experience is having to attend an interview or wedding reception that you’ve just found out about the night before and don’t have a pair of heels that can make with your outfit. So, a pair of neutral heels can be life-saving in such a situation.

A pair of neutral heels can be worn at any type of heel-worthy event where you need to have a more formal or classic look. So, make sure you have such a pair in your shoe wardrobe to not be caught by such an even off guard.

6. Statement Booties

Sure, black booties are great, classic, and pair with anything. But, sometimes, you feel like you want your outfit to make a statement out there. Some mornings, you want to add a little something extra to your overall look to spice it up. Well, you can do that with a nice pair of statement boots. Whether it is that they are in a bright color or have an unusual print, statement boots can make a great accessory that will make you feel a lot more confident on some days.

Even if statement booties aren’t really as effortless to throw into an outfit as it is to throw in a pair of black booties, they can really level up your outfit. So, it’s worth spending just a little bit of time the night before to strategize them into an outfit you want to wear the next day.

7. Statement Heels

It goes the same for statement heels, just like it is for your pair of statement booties. Sure, they might be more challenging to match with an outfit, but they can really make even a basic outfit look a lot cooler and sophisticated.

Nude color heels are a must-have for the moments when you need to come up with an outfit in just a couple of minutes. But statement heels are a must-have for those events when you want to, well, make a statement.

8. Casual Slippers

Sure, heels, boots, sneakers are all fun and, if you pick the right size and models, they can also be comfortable. But there’s nothing more comfortable than casual slippers you wear on those weekends when you are just relaxing at home. As people spend more time at home, loungewear is becoming more popular all over North America. For example, loungewear in Canada is often ethically made with sustainable practices, which makes it even more fun to wear.

Casual slippers are a must-have for sure. They will be your best accessories in the moments when it’s just about “me time.” They will keep your feet warm and make you feel like you’re stepping on soft clouds.

9. Sporty Sneakers

No girl should live her life without at least a pair of sporty sneakers. These shoe gems are your go-to pair of shoes. Going to the park for a walk? Going to the supermarket? Or simply go out for a coffee? Your sporty sneakers are perfect for such trips, and they will keep your feet comfortable.

Pick any type of sporty sneakers you like. No matter the color, print, choose whatever makes your heart sing.

10. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are the must-have pair of shoes for the spring and summer months. They match perfectly with feminine dresses and skirts, and even with a white t-shirt and jeans outfit. Plus, if you live by the beach, these sandals are perfect to have in your arsenal.

Flat sandals are somehow basic but are really comfortable for everyday chores on hot days.

Must-Have Shoes
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