Five Kobi Levi Show-Stopping Shoes

Not sure if you can actually purchase these footwear designs by Kobi Levi or if they are just works of art, but they are definitely shoes that make a statement!

Affectionately titled “Blow“.   Not any worse than the “XXX” design.

Sling-shot Sandal.   Okay.

Miao looks like Scooby Doo to me.

Chewing Gum – Are they dentist approved?

Banana Slip-Ons. Crazy, indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Five Kobi Levi Show-Stopping Shoes

  1. MISS KIM:
    I was going to send this as an item last night (Thursday), but I decided to stick to my guns and send no more ShoePorn.

  2. That is what you always wonder when you see these imaginative take off shoes. Are they just concept art, or shoes that you could actually purchase and wear.

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